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Some Of The Super Cars At The Winter Park Concours

LongRoofian December 4, 2012 All Things Hoon 7 Comments

Now this olelongrooffan will be the first to admit that I don’t know much about the super car section of our beloved automobile passion. I can tell the difference between a 1952 and a 1953 Desoto but I cannot positively identify any Ferrari with the possible exception of a 400 and a 308. Maseratis? Forgetaboutit. But I was able to salvage one image of the Consulier GTP fellow commentor OJN recognized from little more than is shown in one of Mr. Emslie’s Mystery Car posts in the image of Muthalovin’s NSX in the post I did yesterday. This olelongrooffan figured that if there is that much Hoonworthiness lust for this type of car here in the Hooniverse, I should probably share some of those images with my fellow Hoons. Feel free to make the jump to see some more of the automotive eye candy spotted down there that weekend.

There are a couple of this type I do recognize and one of them is a Jaguar although from a distance I still mistake this body style for a Maserati.

But this one I’ll recognize forever. I have had a 1/18 scale British Racing Green diecast of one of these XJ220’s in my collection for what seems like forever. Other than the original BMW M1, this is my favorite of the super car versions.

There were a bunch of new cars brought out by the Lambo and Maserati dealer down there. the Kid knew every one of them. Me, I just shrugged and walked on.

This one could probably make it over to the Ornch Car Society on the the book that is my face.

The front on this one is pretty stark but, at least to me, this one has some character and sets it apart from the others.

And, no, this olelongrooffan did not capture this image of this Ferrari hatchback because of the blonde.

This is what happens when my elcheapoebay acquired image taker acts up. I do love that grey one in focus in the background.

As the former owner of three E30 ragtops, BMW’s roadsters still hold a place in the heart of this olelongrooffan.

And M Power? Hell yes but to me only on a race car, a M series street car is not so desirable. Unless it is hooked up with an E30 touring.

And without meaning to sound jaded, after seeing a Fisker Hooning it around the Daytona International Speedway a couple months ago, this is as close as I got to this one. And yes, while I like Range/Land Rovers, I walked right by that white one in the background of this image.

Kind of like Buick’s portholes, this is the only car who should have Lambo doors.

And another one in resale red.

Meanwhile, over in the Ferrari corral.

Yeah, if there were ever a Ferrari this olelongrooffan would like to own it would be one of these in that same shade of maroon.

And this nearly, well at least to me, ubiquitous Bugatti? Meh.

This one however strikes a lot of bells in my church of desirability.

Yeah, that is a windscreen on the hood of this sweet old vanilla ice cream colored beauty.

And a Dino just because. And the dumbass in me didn’t notice whether it was Ferrari or Fiat. But as it was in the Ferrari Club corral, I’m gonna go with Ferrari. I mean what are the chances of seeing two Fiat Dinos in as many months?

And a bright yellow super car to round out this version of What I Saw Today.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

  • Van_Sarockin

    Nice showing there. I'm with you on your picks. What was that crisp-fendered ivory job? Also have a major weak spot for the Dino, and who doesn't? Maroon Ferrari and 220 and MacLaren, also way past fine, in my book.

  • Rover1

    Are the Z4s the only successful exemplars of the Chris Bangle 'Flame Surfacing' styling? Discuss….

  • Raphael Orlove

    Man, that '50s Ferrari is choice. What would you call it, though? A Mondial? My pre-250SWB Ferrari road car ID'ing game is weak.

  • mr. mzs zsm msz esq

    So it was cause of the brunette that just got out of frame while you were waiting for your eceppt to respond to the button press?

  • I saw an XJ220 and an M1 at the Top Gear Live event a couple weeks ago in Helsinki. A sighting I'll definitely treasure.
    And yeah, a Fisker too.

  • XJ220 please.

    It will forever be listed among the worst supercars of all time, and recognised more for what it should have been than what it actually was, but who cares. Standing next to it is such an event.

    When I was ten I put my 1:18 Maisto XJ220 next to my bed so I could look at it before sleep and then first thing as I woke. It wasn't until I was 15 that it was brushed aside and FHM took its place.

  • Tom Lee

    And, no, this olelongrooffan did not capture this image of this Ferrari hatchback because of the blonde.

    NO, someon
    e put that Ferrari in that spot as he as capturing the pic of the blonde.

    tell the truth olelongrooffan…………….lol