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Last Call- Jag-U-Parts Edition

Robert Emslie December 4, 2012 Last Call 16 Comments

LJK Setright once averred that Jaguar’s V12 engine was the smoothest reciprocating engine on the planet. That poop-through-a-goose-ness could be attributed to the natural balance inherent to a 60° engine with so many pops per rotation, as well as the skill with which Sir William Lyon guided his engineers. This Series 3 lays out its 5,343-ccs of smooth operation for all to see, proving that the big alloy 12 is also as comely as it is calm.

Image: [Imgur]

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  1. JayP2112 says:

    There are more parts than that in a window switch on a new S Class Merc.

  2. Kris says:

    In fairness, they don't show all the various gaskets, nuts, bolts and studs needed to actually put this puppy together (although I do see head studs installed on the block).

  3. Van_Sarockin says:

    Is that all it is? I'd been led to believe it was complicated. Or maybe that was the rear suspension of the XK-E they were talking about. When the XJ-12 came out, RoadAmpersandTrack said that you could drop a dime at random into the engine bay and it would never encounter the ground.

  4. Joe Dunlap says:

    Ha! this is nothing! If you can find it, tak a look at an exploded view of the rear suspension and brakes. My theory is, that some time in the late 40s or early 50s, legislation was pushed through by the labor unions in England banning the use of any manner of threaded casting. All parts shall be made to assemble using the appropriate number and size of bolt, nut, matching flat washers for each, an appropriate locking washer, to be made redundant by either a cotter pin or appropriately sized and installed safety wire. Using British Standard and/or Whitworth wrenches only.

  5. Rover1 says:

    Reassembly is the reverse of removal. Is there a Haynes manual for these?

  6. Alff says:

    Although not true at the time, in hindsight Jag V-12 was an exercise in quantity over quality. There are now sixes (and probably fours) that are equally as smooth.

  7. facelvega says:

    Usually when the parts fly off of a Jaguar, they don't land so neatly.

  8. M44Power says:

    I never understood that man's obsession with the Prelude.

  9. wisc47 says:

    This is just a car metaphor for how we're all beautiful on the inside. And how some happen to be more beautiful on the outside.

  10. SVT2888 says:

    A typical day in Jaguar ownership

  11. Rust-MyEnemy says:

    The above image is actually the workshop procedure to change the thermostat.

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