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Hooniverse Asks- What Non-BMW Has The Best Hofmeister Kink?

Robert Emslie December 4, 2012 Hooniverse Asks 28 Comments

The Beach Boys once sang she’s not the little girl I once knew about the realization that a once too-young and dowdy young lass has suddenly turned into an object of male conquest. If you’re into oldies, and falsetto, it’s a staple.  BMW, like that that little girl that was once known, has also changed, although many would aver not for the better. The Roundel brand once was known for several iconic styling elements – vertical twin kidney grilles, an aggressive shark nose, and a dogleg in the C-pillar window line – but has recently eschewed their traditional presentation.

The last of those iconic elements is generally known as the Hofmeister Kink, named as such after Wilhelm Hofmeister, BMW’s Director of Design at the time of the Neue Klasse’s debut in 1961. Those early 1500s were the first BMWs to feature the design element, but many would follow. It’s only been in the past decade or so that “the Hof” has been massaged and softened to be almost unrecognizable, much as has BMWs equally iconic twin grilles.

But just as many other cars today offer the obviously un-patentable styling element, so too did a number predating BMW’s adoption of it as a brand icon. What we want to know today is which cars you think have the best Hofmeister Kinks, and AREN’T BMWs. What do you think, which non-Bavarian is the most Hofmeister Kinky?

Image: [eBay]