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Weekend Edition – Two Low Mileage Chevrolets; Which one would you choose?

Jim Brennan December 1, 2012 For Sale, Weekend Edition 19 Comments

Continuing on with our low mileage weekend, and there are two very different Low-Mileage Chevrolet Models currently on eBay, and they are both damn lustworthy in my opinion. One is a Sedan from the value end of the full-sized lineup, the other is a full-on top “o” the line model. Both are equipped with v-8 power, and Air-Conditioning. Without a poll, tell me which one you like better…

This is a 1968 Chevrolet Bel-Air Sedan, showing only 5,600 miles on the odometer. This is really my personal favorite of the two, and according to the listing:

56 hundred miles- for real.1 family owned since new. Original paint and mileage as attested to by the owners family. If you sit in this car you could actually believe you are in the showroom of Williamson Motors in 1968 as it all is perfectly like new. From what I can gather on the internet this was the only year a Bel Air had a 307 which makes this car quite rare. It has always been garaged and was inherited in 1994 and garaged with a car cover since that time. It has only been driven to local car shows since 1994. Tires were replaced in 1994 when inherited as the receipt from Discount Tire attests so they are only a mere 18 years old- look like new and no dry rot because of excellent storeage conditions.

The frame has some surface rust underneath but none on the body panels. It does have a spot on the driver’s side front fender and a small area on the trunk deck lid where the paint is spidering which just confirms that the paint is original as the paint surrounding this area exactly matches the whole car. Antenna is perfect and is off due to the car cover. The 307 runs perfectly smooth and the car drives perfectly. This is a beautiful car worthy of a musuem piece although I would not be afraid of driving it across the country – I drove it 30-40 miles back home from where I purchased it. Only 2 issues I know of that need to be addressed. The previous owner said that the ac had been cold until recently and it came with a new can of R-12. The fuel guage is stuck on 1/4 tank and I would guess it is the tank float but I put a bunch of gas in it so I will leave these 2 things to the buyer.

With a little over eight days to go until the auction ends, the opening bid is $12,000, and it looks like the reserve will be a little higher than that. The condition is amazing, so have a look at the listing here: 1968 Chevrolet Bel Air Sedan w/ 5,600 miles

This is a 1975 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Convertible, finished in a Bright Red with a beautiful white top and interior. This car shows 9,470 miles, and it looks like that is original. According to the listing:

We are selling a 1975 Chevy Caprice Classic Convertible. Car has 9,470 original miles and is the nicest original condition car of its type in the country. It has won several car shows as best original condition. Car is near new inside and out. NEVER RESTORED all original with factory matching numbers. We are the original owners and have owned it for 20 years. The first 15 years it was owned by the Imperial Palace hotel and casino. They are a registered dealer so the car was never titled while they owned it. The car was used to bring famous people back and forth to the airport for its first 15 years. We bought it from the Casino with under 5K miles over 20 years ago and have driven it a few hundred miles each year. Car is Red with a white leather interior. Trunk has all of its orginal accessories and parade boot is included(it does have some yellow stains on it and may need re dyed excellent condition other than that). It is loaded with options including A-Track player, factory A/C(very rare on a convertible). Condition is near a new car inside and out. Underneath is also clean. Vehicle has been professionally maintained during ownership with all factory or NOS parts. NO AFTERMARKET parts that we are aware of. History is fully documented and will be included!

Car has the original markings under the hood still intact from the factory including the factory inspectors markings from the final inspection before it left the factory. Door jams, carpet, fender wells, under the hood all look like near a new car. Car was driven almost 100 miles today everything works perfect. Runs and drives perfect. The only issue I saw with my inspection is there is a 1″ cut in the back of one seat. The sun visors do not stay up well. Top works perfect as well tested today. Do not miss out on this rare opportunity to own the nicest Original condition 1975 Caprice Classic’s in the world. We have had offers in the past of $40G.

With over five days until the auction ends, the Buy-it-Now price is $24,500, which isn’t really a lot for a car like this. See the listing here, and tell me what you think: 1975 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Convertible

  • Van_Sarockin

    It has to be the '68. A better car in every way. Two door and convertible are always big draws, but '75 is pretty close to the worst of the batch.

  • $kaycog

    I would pick the '68 because it has much more eye appeal to me.

  • skitter

    The Red Shark, with A-Track player (whatever that is.)

  • Stumack

    Definitely the '68 – that's a real survivor. Low-mile '75 convertibles are available all the time.

  • njhoon

    The sedan without a doubt. There is something so right about a Bel Air sedan.

    • dukeisduke

      Bel Airs are more common as low mileage survivors, because people who bought them usually scrimped and saved to afford them, and took care of them. One of my great aunts had a '68 Bel Air like this one, but in Anniversary Gold, with an Ermine White painted top. She didn't have any children (she'd worked for years as a nurse, in the high desert in SoCal (Hesperia), and I still don't what became of it after she passed away. It was low mileage, like this one, 307 with a 'glide, and a/c.

  • Well, the Bel Air is a lot like my grandfather's Impala, color and year wise and the Caprice reminds me of my own Pontiac Grand Ville in its bloated red/white convertible land yacht-ness. But the Bel Air wins. Better looking, less Malaise-ey and frankly I've had it up to my sun visors with Impalas, so rockin' the twin tail lamps would give me a kick.

  • Bel Air most definitely, for nostalgia alone. The 68 Bel Air I inherited from my grandpa, Man, was the first car this olelongrooffan ever called my own. And that resale red drop top is just way over priced, regardless of its lineage.

  • smalleyxb122

    I'd actually rather have the convertible, but not for that kind of price. It might be worth it to somebody, but not to me.

    Price notwithstanding, the Caprice gets my vote.

  • ptschett

    Honestly, neither arouses much interest in me. My family was Pontiac/Olds people at that time so neither has any connection from that angle. I like convertibles, but I don't really care for a '75-model anything. I think the '68 is nice looking but a '68 full-size Chevy is toward the bottom of my list of '68-model cars I'd want to own.

    In the end my vote is kind of like how I've voted in some recent elections… I'd vote for the '68 not out of particularly wanting the '68, but out of more strongly not wanting the '75.

  • BobbyBrady

    I've seen the red one before – Greg hit Alice's egg with it – Marcia didn't

  • Mad_Hungarian

    Bel Air sedan with factory air FTW. But before driving the old girl cross country — before driving to the next town, in fact — get her some new shoes. Eighteen year old tires are ticking time bombs no matter how good they look. Ask me how I know.

    As for the ragtop, note that it's pricier than either of the two '76 Eldorados in the next post. Also, I'm willing to stand corrected but I strongly suspect the Chevy's upholstery is vinyl.

  • dukeisduke

    Wow, check out the sales order for the Bel Air. State sales tax is 2 percent. That's Louisiana in the '60s – oil and gas brought in so much tax revenue that sales and other taxes were very low, and license plates were something like $12 for *two years*.

  • dukeisduke

    Wish I could see the body tag on the Bel Air – it looks like Tripoli Turquoise.

  • RahRahRecords

    I don't know who designed their front end in 75, but I hope he got fired after. 68 get's my vote.

  • From_a_Buick_6

    I'm no fan of '71-'76 B-bodies, but I particularly dislike the '75 Caprice front end. '76 was basically the same, but at least it wore the trendy new rectangular lights. Impalas wore the previous year's Caprice's front clip in these years, so the '75 was a better looking (in my opinion) car, while the '76 wore this same piece of crap. At least it doesn't have the "Mark of Excellence" crack in the dash pad.

    I guess the '68 is okay, that's one of my least favorite '60s big Chevys. I like the '67 rear better. You don't see many non-Tri-Five Bel Airs in this condition, so that's cool, and I like the color combo. Whoever tinted the windows is a jerk, though.

  • Mr.Smee

    The '68, it says, "I'm so farking cool I don't need to drive a big-block SS coupe." The '75 says, "I don't know a damn thing about cars or what cool is about either."