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Weekend Edition – A Hot 1987 Mustang Coupe with only 7,300 Miles

Jim Brennan December 1, 2012 For Sale, Weekend Edition 41 Comments

Welcome to a rather late Hooniverse Weekend. Sorry, but it is the holiday season, and I have been flat out during the week, and had a very late party on Friday… Yea, I know… I should at least be able to do some writing even with a hangover…

Anyway, the theme for the weekend is “Low Mileage” (yes, again) where I find really low mileage older cars that are not restored, but still somewhat desirable. Let’s start out with this very special 1987 Mustang 5.0L 2-Door coupe, showing only 7,314 miles.

According to the listing:

In the years I have been enjoying bringing the finest fox body mustangs to everyone, this automobile is without question the rarest I have ever been proud to own. This mustang was ordered specifically for an officer of the massachusetts strikeforce division. It is literally one of one in this condition with this mileage. The car came out of his private collection. It is an unmarked car and in phenomenal condition. It is 100% ORIGINAL. Let me begin by saying this was ordered as a no option vehicle. No power windows, door locks, or a/c. It does have all the additional equipment you would expect from a police interceptor. Full size spare, one key entry, 140 speedo, reinforced seats, heavy duty alternator, silicone hoses, sound absorber, underhood deleted, front floor pan reinforced, single key locking system, and decklid release, relocated right of steering column. Everything functions as it should. The interior is spotless and still retains the classic ford new car smell. All gatorbacks are original from 87 and are not dry rotted or flat spotted. The powder coated ten holes are all completely original and immaculate.

Now for the really good stuff. This car was NOT undercoated from the factory. Wheel wells are factory smooth and the under carriage is dry and clean. All markings and stickers are still visible from when it left the plant. The quarter window rubber rubber shows no sign of age. The engine bay is beautiful and completely original. The dated spark plug wires are still present as well as all markings from the factory. The paint is 100% Ford factory original and shines as new. Every vin tag is present on every panel. Mechanically the car is spot on. No leaks, oil pressure is up, all fluids have been changed and she runs as new. Full documentation is included with the car, including the window sticker, bill of sale and ford police vehicle brochure, explaining the options in a 1987 ssp mustang. Quite honestly, it does not get any better. Not only are you getting a 7k mile unmolested coupe, it happens to be black, a 5spd, all delete, no undercoating, full documentation, window sticker, oh and did I mention it is a police car. This is truly a special vehicle.

With over five days to go until the auction ends, the top bid so far is $10,100 with an unmet reserve. It is a fantastic piece of Mustang history, but is it desirable enough for you to bid on it. Go here to see the listing: 1987 Ford Mustang Police Coupe

  • buzzboy7

    This may be the hottest car ever featured on Weekend Edition.
    I want everything about this.
    The 5.0 LX has always been my favorite Mustang, and this options package makes it even better.

    • mseoul

      Like njhoon, I'd be afraid to drive it. A little to pristine, but wow, what a nice one. I spec'ed out some nice Fox bodies when I ordered for a dealer but this one is so special. Just imagine wild handling characteristics!

  • Van_Sarockin

    Not for all the Buicks in China.

  • njhoon

    I like it but it is too rich for my blood. It is also too pristine for me as well, I would feel bad when I either super charged or turbo'ed it.

  • fede6882

    i kind of didn't like fox mustangs very much… but it is changing. i really like this car.
    i was on a classic car show in buenos aires (argentina, i am from uruguay, right next to it), and there was one with a 2.3 turbo engine, according to the badges. was that offered there? it sounds small to your usual engine sizes

  • As njhoon (and, I understand that in NJ they know a thing or two about Mustangs) It's lovely to know that exsists, but I can't help but think it would be a pointless thing to own.

  • I don't covet many American cars, but I want that in ma belly!

  • JakeandElwood

    Cop motor, cop tires, cop suspension. But I bet she's got cats.

    • From_a_Buick_6

      Yeah, and it doesn't even have S.C.M.O.D.S. No sale.

  • gearhead

    Low-mileage Fox Bodies are not that hard to find out here in the west: actual sale prices currently seem to be right about window sticker level ($12-14K) for something at this mileage/condition point. I was recently offered my original '90 LX 5.0 (was my stock-class autocross car and had no street miles) recently for $10K: (it's up to something like 18K miles now) and am conflicted.

    The appeal of this being a one-owner, "private" cop car, plus being on the East coast, I'll be watching to see what the market will bear.

    • Eggwich James Dio

      Where are you finding them for sale? I troll craigslist and ebay and haven't found anything low mileage lately. (Not that I've been that diligent about it.) I'd love to hear more about your car if you really want to sell.

  • Manic_King

    Can somebody please explain these extras:
    – reinforced seats – are the normal Mustang seats too weak for "heavy duty" cops?
    – front floor pan reinforced – wha, as in bomb proof? Probably not, was the usual floor too flex-y or…..
    – decklid release, relocated right of steering column – hmm, so passenger can open it without running around the car?

    • TurboBrick

      I think the normal seat foams and upholstery would just fall apart when sat in for 8+ hrs every day by a cop who is lugging around all that equipment on their belt. Floor reinforcement, so the car won't break in half when hopping curbs. And the standard trunk release location in American cars of this vintage was inside (!!!! Yes, really!!!) the glovebox. Pain on the ass on a professional vehicle since you'd probably be needing stuff from the trunk all day long.

    • njhoon

      The floors are reinforced for crash protection I believe. It might be for body flex too, as fox bodies flex…a lot. The decklid release is normally in the glove box, with a computer and all of the other 'stuff' in the car, reaching over to the glove box is pretty much impossible.

      • dukeisduke

        Yep, remember when lots of cars had the yellow trunk release button in the glovebox? Yep, it was a pain to get to.

    • Nobody

      Police cars (at least the P71s) have a steel plate in the seat-back so the drivers don't get stabbed by a perp from the backseat, suspect that's what he means by "reinforced seats."

  • gearz1

    I am certain I wish to purchase that Mustang,but for that money I could get a much newer Mustang with a 4.6 that would smoke that car in every way. "Rare" is highly overrated.

  • My buddy, who owns three of these already, is in the bid war on this one. He thinks $15K is tops for this one.

    • and should this olelongrooffan have the funds to purchase this one, the value will immediately nose dive as I take all the chassis parts and put them under a similar era Fairmont longroof under LTDScott's direction.

    • Let us know if he wins. That is a sweet car and brings back fond memories of looking in the rear view mirror for them while speeding down the 405.

  • smalleyxb122

    I love it. I'm not a Fox fan, and I always preferred the hatch to the notchback, but this is incredible. If I had the need for another car, I'd drop $15k on this without batting an eye, and I'd drive the hell out of it, knowing full well that every mile is destroying the value.

  • wunno sev

    these guys really hate undercoating

    i'm currently in the process of rust repair on an early-'90s car that has a thick layer of undercoating in the wheel wells and underneath the sills, and where there's undercoating, there's no rust. i can understand that if there is rust the undercoating could make it hard to access or see, but i think all the hate is unwarranted. it's a nice thing to have and i would suggest that whoever buys this un-undercoated beauty should take it for a sprayin' immediately after the hammer drops.

    • 68monk

      If you've ever had a car that one day sounded kinda squeaky so you pulled over to check out the rear suspention, opened the trunk and looked at the rear strut mounts and saw straight through to the road… well I have and it's safe to say I hate undercoating. Bought an 84 Ford and the bodies on this era Fords were known for rust. A fresh spray of undercoating by the PO pretty much held the unibody together for a year until it gave way to hidden rust.

      I had an 82 Benz with factory undercoat and I will make an exception for their coating, it's about the only completely rust free northeastern car I've ever had.

  • wisc47

    The appeal of the Fox Body 'Stang to me is the low price and ability to do some radical stuff to it and make it ridiculously fast. That being said, this is too expensive and in too good of condition for any mods so I'll have to pass.

  • MustangMike

    And the computer is speed density rather than mass air which makes it a tiny bit quicker!

    • dukeisduke

      One thing I've always wondered about – what was the point of the big rubber boot on the distributor cap? To keep water out?

  • boostedlegowgn

    Fix the cigarette lighter.

  • PotbellyJoe

    Notchback were always my favorite Fox. The Michigan State police used to run up and down I-94 in them, so I always have had that unnatural fear of them even decades after they stopped being used for that purpose.

    So clean, right equipment, and a stick. Great combo.

    Still would feel bad putting it through its paces with that low of mileage…

    • dukeisduke

      Nice and lightweight, and less flexy than the hatchback.

  • dukeisduke

    The 5.0 was a great motor – the one in my '95 F-150 was at 214k when I traded it, still ran great, and didn't use any oil. The ones in the trucks didn't make as much horsepower, and were biased toward low-end torque.

  • dukeisduke

    Wow, I like the silicone hoses.

  • craymor

    Does anyone know if the term "5..0" standing for cops is at all related to this being a 5.0 mustang? as in "there is a 5.0 in the grass at mile marker 89" much like the earlier term "smokey" (and for that matter is that related to the movie? or did it come before? I picture it coming before the movie, but all of these terms were before my time)

    • Van_Sarockin

      Try Hawaii 5-0. Nothing at all to do with Ford motors.

  • lilpoindexter

    I used to live near the CHP car lot in Torrance, CA where CHP sold their old cars…I used to love sitting in the retired fox bodies and imagining all the cool chase stories the cars could tell. i had a '93 LX Coupe later on, but i had to sell it when the paint was starting to crack off, and I realized I wasn't up to a proper repaint.

  • Joey

    Most of you posting dont know a damn thing.

    Nice clean OE car.