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Robert Emslie November 30, 2012 Mystery Car 12 Comments

There are but 31 days left of 2012 and the only mystery greater than today’s automotive conundrum is what the heck happened to the past year? It’s a scientific fact that time speeds up the closer you get to things like black holes and old age, but I don’t think either of those have been a factor.

Regardless, today is Friday – only four more of them left this year – and to take your mind off the impending arrival of 2013 and final admission that all of those things you promised you would accomplish in 2012  aren’t getting done, here is this week’s Mystery Car. One thing you can be proud of is that over the course of the past 12 months spent circling the Sun you and your fellow Hoons have had a pretty good streak figuring these things out, even after I made Google Reverse Image Search useless. Bahahahahah!

You know the rules but for any noobs we’ll reiterate them, as we always do. For full credit you need to provide in the comments section below the make, model, likely engine and year-range for the contender.  Okay folks get to it, time’s a-wasting.

Image: [©2012 Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved]