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Fastback Friday: Mass Transit Madness, Part One – The Mazda MX-3

I frequently use the train to get to work – yeah, I’m a car guy, but the daily commute takes the fun out of driving, and that’s a quality I’d like to keep.  So… it’s off to the train station several times a week – fortunately at my terminus is a pretty large park-and-ride lot that I can detour through to see what’s being used as daily beaters out here in the ‘burbs (I have a reverse commute – I live close to downtown and work in the suburbs).

Surprisingly, today’s featured car caught my eye – surprising because when you see a mid-90s hatchback, you expect color.  In-your-face hues like magenta, teal and copper. 

So for those philistines in the audience who are anti-skittles-colors, here’s an MX-3 in white.  You’ll have to deal with the blob shape for now, but at least it doesn’t look like a kitchen appliance, right?   Today’s MX-3 features that jewel of a V6 – you know the one that displaces just 1.8 liters?  The smallest ever installed in a US mass market car?  It also looks to be in pretty good condition with the exception of some easily-fixed front end damage.

Someday, I will own one of these – perhaps for autocrossing,  doing time as a commuter or, like this one, in an anonymous parking lot somewhere.  Or, even though I’m a hatchback enthusiast, I have a crazy idea to remove the hatch from one of these and turn it into the world’s most useless pickup – a MX-chero if you will.  That’s of course after I win the lottery and have the spare greenbacks to build a 30-car garage to hold all the positively stupid vehicles I would buy.

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  1. Devin says:

    Here's a potentially controversial opinion: Did Mazda have the best designs of the early '90s? They had a jellybean aesthetic going on, but they were able to craft that into seriously handsome vehicles. I think I might actually like all of them, as well as thinking there are a few genuine classics in there – NA Miata and RX7 for two – and I can't think of another manufacturer from the era I can say that about.

  2. buzzboy7 says:

    All I know is, they are bloody fast around a LeMons race
    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/SUK0yh.jpg&quot; width="600">

  3. Jethrine says:

    "the world’s most useless pickup – a MX-chero if you will"

    How about a wagon-shaped hatch replacement to create a PulsarMX.

    I wonder what happened to all the second generation PulsarNX accesory notchbacks or wagonbacks when the cars died?
    Maybe in corners of garages with orphan snow tires?

    • Van_Sarockin says:

      Sounds good. I've often wondered what became of all those Pulsar accessory backs – I don't think I've ever seen one on a car. They all seem to have been shipped as notchbacks.


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