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Truck Thursday: Turbo-diesel Toyota Camry-amino pickup

Kamil Kaluski November 29, 2012 Hooniverse Truck Thursday 16 Comments

“Another butchered up sedan turned into a some weird hacked-up pickup truck wanna-be contraption POS” was my initial thought on receiving this email tip.

I was wrong. I looks very well done. And then I read that it’s a diesel, a turbo one at that. And it’s not rusted. And the interior is clean. It does not have a proper tailgate but that does not really matter as the top of the bed rail is probably 30″ off the ground, unlike a modern F-150 which is more like six feet.

[Source: Raleigh Craigslist | Thanks for the top Grant!]

From the ad:

diesel Camry truck – $4500 (Durham)

Turbo diesel Camry custom pickup for sale 1986, 163 K, 2liter turbo diesel, 85hp, Camry customized into small pickup, at, ac, cc, new tires, new brakes all the way around, new timing belt and seals, just resealed injection pump. Runs very well, gets lots of looks. $4500 obo call Dan 919-544-XXXX days or 919-810-XXXX evenings and wkends




  • I LOVE it. I occasionally daydream about taking a sawzall to random sedans and wagons, but this one looks really clean. The only thing I would quibble with – and it would be an easy fix – is to do some sheet metal fab to the top of the "tailgate" creating a consistent line around the bed. Otherwise, with the engine and lack of rust, I would daily drive this thing proudly.

  • I think we're all jaded re El Camino conversions, but this is really nice.

    • Oh… there's another one coming tonight. Sort of.

  • If you are going to cut up your car to this extent, please at t-tops. kthx.

  • FrankTheCat

    automatic with a diesel.

    oh dear lord that thing's acceleration must be measured on a continental scale.

    • TURBO-diesel!!!!!!
      Which means that it does get to 60mph.

      • Scandinavian Flick

        HP: 85
        Torque: 150
        0-60: Yes

  • MVEilenstein

    Yes, but can it tow a shuttle?

  • Slow_Joe_Crow

    The builder gets extra points for the coupe utility style roof like the better Volvo 240-aminos, plus utility points for the diesel. I will ding for the non-working tailgate since even the BMW 2002-amino in Portland has one.

  • 68monk

    So are we guessing there's some sort of drain hole if the tailgate doesn't go down… I'd guess you'd get a big pool of water pretty fast after a good rain. Although maybe then with a heating element you'd have the world's only diesel Camry pickup hottub…

    • Assuming it doesn't drain, I could drive that in the car pool lane, right?

      • 68monk

        I'm laughing and groaning at the same time.

  • adam giguere

    we had one of those, obviously not a pickup though