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Truck Thursday: The Chevy El Camaro Edition

Now this olelongrooffan knows that we here in the Hooniverse love us some Elkies. Well, last weekend out at the Daytona International Speedway, I saw an Elkie unlike any other I have previously seen. Now note my fellow Hoons, I have seen and shared with all ya’all a last gen Elkie with a 57 Chevy front-end and rear fins. But this one just takes the cake.

Click to see the front-end…

This one has been totally reworked with a custom tonneau cover and even a Corvette motor wedged in it.

The interior has fresh gauges and the correct number of foot pedals so it is all things Hoon.

But out front is where this thing really stands out. A custom opening hood has been grafted onto the new gen Camaro front end.

All in all, the builder did a nice job on this Elkie, if you are into that kind of thing. But this olelongrooffan just has to ask how much he spent on converting this El Camino into an El Camaro?  What do my fellow Hoons think? $10,000? $15,000? more? But no matter how much he spent on this, 

I would think a five door Pep Boy’s chrome master cylinder cover should be in the build budget.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

  • dtargo

    very tasteful interior as well…

  • Scandinavian Flick

    At first I thought the hood was removed, but looking closer, it looks like it's actually hinged that way. There's a lot of clean work into this thing… The builder has some serious skill. I would have done the tail panel differently, probably with vertical tail lights on the outside edges of the tail gate. Otherwise, I like it, actually.

  • calzonegolem

    I can't possibly hate this. I really dig the intake setup.

  • smalleyxb122

    The embossed flames on the dash don’t work. It just looks wrinkled until you notice that they are flames, and then it looks wrinkled in the shape of flames.

    • Alcology

      Real genuine imitation whale testicle!

  • Scoutdude

    The problem is that it is the $5 chrome master cyl cap. Still with the effort and money put into this vehicle he could budget $10 per year for replacement.

  • EmbracingEntropy

    There's tasteless, and then there's this. I don't care how much someone pines for a modern revision of the El Camino, this doesn't cut it.

  • danleym

    Can't say I like the dagger on the dashboard, and the taillights/tonneau cover are awful… but the front end looks surprisingly ok. I think I'll have to retain final judgement on that until I can see it with the hood down. With it up it breaks up the lines, I'm curious how well they flow with it down.

  • It is like business in the back, and OMBWTFBBQ in the front.

    That said, I do like the hood. It would help when you were trying to lower the motor into the bay, and accidentally smack the windshield, then get Hulking angry and procede to take a crescent to the windshield to vent. Yeah, with that set up, my dad wouldn't have done that.

  • TX_Stig

    You know, the front is quite good. The Camaro nose actually looks better here than it does on a Camaro. The beefier proportions of the Camaro nose are more fitting on this generation of El Camino, somehow. The rest of it, I don't really agree with, though the quality of the work looks pretty nice to me.

  • There is a lot I like, and a lot I would have done differently. But that's what I love about custom builds. The one guy who builds it has the vision and that one individual — not a committee, not popular opinion — has the only say over what goes and what doesn't.
    That's a beautiful thing.

  • MVEilenstein

    I'm conflicted. I love El Caminos, but not wild custom jobs.

    I'll say this is a unique creation, and it takes all kinds.

  • stigshift

    We have an older guy who drives up and down Main Street in Dunedin in black Elkie SS. With horrible sounding dual exhaust and a WAAAAYYY too rich set-up. Whenever he passes people or leaves a stop sign, he nails it. Until about 1500 RPM or 1 second, whichever comes first. He would love this. We call him "El Cialis".

  • stigshift

    We have an older guy who drives a black Elkie SS up and down Main Street here In Dunedin multiple times daily. Whenever he sees people or leaves a stop sign, he nails it. Up until around 1500 RPM or 1 second, whichever occurs first, treating us to his horrible sounding dual exhausts (really) and way too rich set-up. He would love this. We locals refer to him as El Cialis.

  • dukeisduke

    Where's the fuzzy dice?

  • Mad_Hungarian

    The Turkey Rod Run field was full of answers to questions nobody asked. This is one of them. All I can think about is how every dollar invested in that thing would have been better spent acquiring the Lincoln immediately next to it and attending to anything it needs — STOCK, please.