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Yo dawg, we heard you like living life in the fast lane…

Jeff Glucker November 28, 2012 All Things Hoon 34 Comments

So we put your house in the fast lane, so you can, whatever while you whatever… you get where we’re going.

According to a story from the Mirror, a couple of families in Wenling, China had no interest in selling their property so that a large highway could be built in its place. Instead of waiting out the Arthur Dent-loving building owners, the construction of the highway commenced… around the existing apartments. We’re not just talking about two apartments though, because these units belong to an entire block of properties that are currently occupying a major portion of the highway.

Apparently, the plan for motorists is to simply drive around it. The plan for the property owners? There thinking about opening a drive-thru store. Either way, we want to buy ad space on the side of the building…

[Source: Mirror.co.uk]