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For Sale: A Barn Full of Brazilian Volkswagens

Kamil Kaluski November 28, 2012 All Things Hoon 12 Comments

Well, mostly Brazilian Volkswagens, others are there too. The predominant vehicles in this collection are the sporty Brazilian Volkswagen SP2s. Conditions vary, but the prices, oddly, do not.

I always wonder about the thought pattern of someone who builds up a collection like that: what were his plans? Why so many? Was he going to restore them? Scrap them? Preserve them? I have no idea. Full ad and more pictures after the jump.

SP2 16 ASSEMBLED Complete R$10.000 EACH
SP2 7 FRAME OFF Complete R$10.000 EACH
Kombi 1972 BUS 6 DOORS EXTREMELY RARE Complete R$15.000
Karmann Ghia 1974 KG TC ASSEMBLED Complete R$12.000
Lancia 4 DOORS BI-TURBO ASSEMBLED Complete R$12.000
Towner FROM KOREA ASSEMBLED Complete R$5.000

[Source: barnfinds.com]

From the ad:


Barn containing a treasury of Brazilian and a few non-Brazilian antique cars.

These cars are mostly complete; all of them carry clear titles free of any encumbrances.

The table below shows the Barn contents. A click on the underlined heading will take you to the cars pictures.

NOTE ABOUT THE ASKING PRICE: All prices are quoted in Brazilian Reais, the local currency. Use your currency exchange rate to the Real to calculate the asking price in your own currency. For example, R$10,000 at current rate is about US$4,855

 Hmm… so $7200 for that bus.

  • wisc47

    I'll admit, I didn't learn what an SP2 was until today but now all I know is I want one. Less than 5k is kind of reasonable when you think of how rare it is. Funny though how they're selling a complete SP2 for the same price as the frame-off body.

    • Make you wonder how complete the complete ones really are.

      • wisc47

        I looked at some of the other pictures and it the bodies appear to be in better shape and are on a chassis. I could see the benefit of buying just the body if it means it's cheaper/easier to ship.

      • Only the body with glass and trim is valuable, underneath it's a VW Bug


    I have had a love affair with the SP2 ever since Hot Wheels made me aware that they existed 2 years ago. Would it be sacrilige to just drape the body over a tube chassis? I have visions of a 1.9 TDI and 6 speed manual sitting in the back, with a middy locost style frame to tie it all together. I wonder how much shipping just a body from Brazil would be…….

    • Devin

      It's just a Bug with a slick body, shoving a different chassis under there would be a perfectly reasonable use for it.

  • How many zeros in a Brazilian?

    (Apologies to BЯдΖǐL-ЯЄРΘЯΤЄЯ)

    • gearz1

      For that answer you need a Brazilian heir.

  • I'm surprised that a VW hoarder collector would misidentify the year of the bus so badly. That's a '67 at the latest (the one-piece windshields started with the '68 models).

    Is it too late to buy a Powerball ticket yet?

    • Deartháir

      The Bay Window T2 started in '68 for the German-production Transporters. Brazilian-production Transporters continued as T1's until I think '75. Then, if memory serves, they simply replaced the front panel with a panel similar to that of the T2, but still otherwise a T1. Brazilian T2's are technically T1.5's — first-gen Transporters with revised cosmetics.

      I think.

      • Interesting. Even in the deepest throes of my a/c VW days, I never read/heard that. I'm aware of late (66-67) splitwindows with the sliding doors, but I've never seen a baywindow without them. I wonder if the Brazilian buses also kept the swing axles longer than the German-built ones?

  • brunollo

    These SP2 are a incredible find. i´m not sure of how precarious are the conditions of the cars, but I´m going to see if I get one of those to restomod it. Yes, it´s almost a Beetle, but the rear suspension does not camber as a Beetle suspension does. That´s the most important aspect of the SP2: the rear suspension has virtually the same concept as the one from a contemporary 911 AND DOES NOT CAMBER IN MOTION. Building a powerful aircooled aspro boxer engine (something on the range of 160-200hp is ideal for this chassis to hande without too much trouble) on these beauties is mandatory, but I do know that you americans know almost as much as us brazilians how to squeeze every HP from thos aircooled beasts. I´ve rebuilt a handful of Pumas with boxer engines. Theses old boxers are brave and resourceful. An SP2 with a 160hp engine is a nice addition for old Porsche lovers, it handles very much the same way. And it is lighter than a 911, always good news.