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It’s Got A Hemi

LongRoofian November 27, 2012 All Things Hoon 3 Comments

After Big Daddy Don Garlits had a horrendous wreck in his front engined straight line racer years ago, he revolutionized this type of racing car when he designed one with the engine in the rear. That makes this one I saw over at Hemmings Blog so cool. My fellow Hoons can see it here.

Hat tip to Hemmings for finding it for us.

  • MVEilenstein

    Actually, they all got Hemis.

    • OA5599

      They are now (assuming you're talking about fuelers, since the gas classes are pretty varied), but in the 60's, when this dragster was new, there was a bit more diversity. Olds, Ford, or Chevy powered many T/F cars of the day, sometimes in pairs.


    I was going to make an "in your face" comment, but noticed that Hemmings beat me to it in their article….