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Hooniverse Asks- What’s Your Most Revered Factory Racing Team?

Robert Emslie November 27, 2012 Hooniverse Asks 51 Comments

In every sport fans have their favorite teams, otherwise how would we have sports hooligans? Whether athletic events involving some form of ball or motorsports, the active participants compete for both glory and the undying ardor of these rabid advocates. In the latter, there have long been company crews as well as teams like Tyrrell and Penske, founded by a wealthy promoters. Whatever the backing however, it almost always comes down to the mix of man (or woman) and machine.

Some racing teams enjoy a long pedigree, while others seem to sprout overnight like mechanical mushrooms. Either way, there are certain facets of many teams that engender a following. Maybe it’s a particular driver, or the aura that accompanies the makers’ products, either for road or track. Whatever it is, the results are typically manifested in bedroom posters, team-color sweatshirts, and the uncontrollable shouting at the Speed Channel every Saturday.

If you fall into this category of race fan – that of a team devotee – the question for today is which team you feel is most deserving of your ardor. What do you feel is your most revered racing team?

Image: [ChristopherDugan]