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A Super Clean Integra On The List That Is Craig’s

LongRoofian November 27, 2012 Craigslist Phantastico 19 Comments

This olelongrooffan is not real good with this type of post but I thought my fellow Hoons would enjoy checking out this super clean Integra. Our fellow Hoon, Preludacris, shared it with us on the Tips Hotline earlier today and the entire ad can be seen here.

Keep those Tips coming my fellow Hoons. We’re getting them out as quickly as we can.

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  1. Noah says:

    Ooooh Nice! I had the four door version of this very same car in the same color. For whatever reason it had a really funky idle, something to do with the Idle Air Control Valve I could never figure out. When it was running well it was a blast. Super light, great visibility, awesome shifter, enough power to get out of it's own way…. Too bad BC is on the other side of the continent.

  2. Hatchtopia says:

    It always struck me, that for as different-looking as the first and third generations appear, that in those three generations, there is a distinct consistency to the design. The detail of the shape of the greenhouse, the design of the taillights and hatch, the side mouldings – you can see the evolution. It's really kinda cool.

  3. buzzboy7 says:

    At 96k it looks factory clean. That's impressive. And for that price. I just hope it doesn't get riced. It would make a great DD for somebody who commutes. At that mileage it's just getting broken in.

  4. Number_Six says:

    Stock this is one of the few cars that lives up to the hype and I'd be damn happy with this example. Too bad people are stupid and ricedestructive.

  5. danleym says:

    I learned how to drive stick in one of these. Good times.

  6. Synchromesh says:

    I had a 2000 GS-R sedan for 6 years – great car. My cousin had a '92 GS coupe with manual for a while back in late 90s. It was a great car too. That gen is rare around New England nowadays – most have rusted away or were beaten to death. A nice stock car like this is a very rare find. Hope it goes into good hands, they were great little drivers!

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