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Get Yours Now! The 2013 Hooniverse Calendar is on Sale

Just one of 13, yes 13 months!

You probably saw the tease before, but the day you have been waiting for has finally arrived.  Yes, you too can own an official 2013 Hooniverse calendar.  Your iphone will thank you, your family will respect you, your friends will envy you and most of all, you will remember all those track days you missed in 2012 because you didn’t have a Hooniverse calendar.  

Its only 12 bucks for 13 months (don’t make me do the math, okay?)  and you know the photos are going to be awesome.  

So follow this link – there’s a full preview available there if you’re okay with tilting your head or your computer at a 90 degree angle.  Or you can just take my word when I tell you that it’s awesome and skip previewing it altogether – click on the icon below to check it out. 

A special thanks goes out to our awesome contributors, readers and forum posters that helped with the creation of the calendar.  We have some very talented people on both sides of this blog and hopefully we can do this on a yearly basis.

Photography Credits:

  • Zach Bowman – Cover, March
  • Scott Ith – September, January ’14
  • Ray Lindenburg – January ’13, May, June, August
  • Jeff Glucker – July, January ’14
  • Jay Ramey – February, April
  • Blake Z. Rong – October, January ’14
  • Dave Saunders – November
  • Philip Thomas – December

Currently there are "12 comments" on this Article:

  1. boostedlegowgn says:

    13 months? Lousy Smarch weather…

  2. TurboBrick says:

    And days in EN/FI/PL for us multilingual readers!

  3. muthalovin says:

    There's an NSX for my birthday month, right?

  4. JayP2112 says:

    Hey- I got one and I wasn't even drunk.


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