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Craigslist: Supra-powered BMW E36

Kamil Kaluski November 23, 2012 All Things Hoon 17 Comments

BMWs are not known to be very powerful. They’re quick, they can be fast, they handle great, they’re fun… but you don’t see too many at your local drag-strip knocking on single digit doors.

I have no idea why someone would do this, but here it is, a hood-less 1JZ-powered E36.

[Source: Washington D.C. Craigslist]

From the ad:

1999 BMW e36/// 1JZ Engine Swap ///Track Car – $8500 (Ft. Washington, MD)


1999 e36

1JZ GTE Engine Swap

Toyota Supra Engine

Twin Turbo ////Drift Car

5 speed

Super Fast little Drift Car!!!!

Serious buyer can call or text for additional pics and info! 571.217.XXXX

I am not sure how I feel about this.

  • buzzboy7

    I guess it's easier than Turboing a BMW 6?
    Non-turbo the 1JZ makes almost identical numbers to the M50 that would most likely be in that E36. HP is 10 more and Torque is identical, even at the same RPM.

  • The Shogun

    The Shogun approves.

  • alain

    mmm style-5's, have them on my e28. love those wheels.

  • That Sunoco sticker is the same design as the NASCAR one….hmmm Hoonimas thoughts here.

  • Synchromesh

    Way to ruin a perfectly good Supra engine. 🙁

  • Jzx90

    Nobody noticed that its a 1JZ and not a 2JZ? That makes it rarer, they were never sold in America. And if it was actually from a Supra it would have to be from a JDM Mark 3 Supra (JZA70) of which those sold with the 1JZ were pretty rare even in Japan. So it's pretty strange to see that in America.

  • James

    This 2JZ-powered E36 shows up at Rockingham sometimes. It's in the 9s.

    <img src="http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/9893/img5920j.jpg"&gt;

  • Dan

    While I don't disapprove of this, I think there are far easier routes to make more power. There are a few kits out there to drop a Chevrolet LSx engine into one of these, which is much easier and cheaper than a 1JZ motor. Also, there are several nutters out there that make such large amounts of power with the BMW straight-six engines that if I were to mention the power output, I would be forced to wash my mouth out with soap. Definitely as much and more than some of the JZ folks. I know a few people that run 10 and single digit quarter mile times in their BMWs. Most of them are forced-induction M3s though…

    • Xedicon

      Here's something totally crazy for ya… 693hp from the good old Jeep inline six! They think they might have got to 800hp if only they had bigger injectors. 😀


      It's actually really easy and cheap to get to 500 hp with a 1JZ. You can pick up good 1JZ/W58 combos for $1500 all the time, and then all you need to get to 400 whp is a cheap Master Power turbo, a front mount intercooler, some injectors, and a tune. So for the same $4000 you'd spend on an LS1 swap, you'd actually be making quite a bit more power with the JZ, and it keeps the straight 6 character. The LS is lighter and has somewhat more power potential, but they're actually surprisingly close on power production on the cheap. And the high power BMW engine people use cubic money to achieve those numbers. It's about 3 times as expensive to mod an M50 based engine to 500 hp as it is with a JZ.

      • Dan

        I'm just going to say that you're wrong about almost all of that and carry on with my day.

  • chrystlubitshi

    used to see a 2JZ swapped E39 out on the drag stip on occasion… roasted him in my '96 T-bird (well tuned 4.6L) a few times…

    didn't seem like it was worth it in the end (for him) when we discussed cost/room in car… and what we used our cars for… I just about won every category, except for having an expensive german car.

  • Xedicon

    IF that rare beauty of an engine came out of a Supra that was sure to never drive again… I can live with it. But if it was taken out of a good Supra (or a reasonable to restore Supra) then I'd sort of want to stab someone. I love projects and restomod, hell I'm doing one right now… But some cars are simply too rare or important in some way to bastardize. I just hope a great Supra didn't have to die for this build.

    • Dean Bigglesworth

      I like to think he has a friend who wanted a BMW-powered Supra.


      The engine probably isn't out of a Supra. The 1JZ was MUCH more common in the Soarer and Chaser, which is probably where this engine came from. Thery're probably just saying that it's a Supra engine to be readily identifiable, since saying Supra engine means more to more people that saying it's a Soarer engine.

  • Xedicon

    Ah thanks for the info! I'll admit I don't follow Toyota that heavily. 🙂

  • Marshall

    Lol everybody's trippin cus it's in a e36 chill it's a 1jz not a 2jz .. E36 is an amazing car and good for drifting wake up ya u don't need jdm stickers all over ur car to drift fuck sakes and this guy talking about his t bird, go suck ur self off if u think ur t bird is gonna do more then that m5, 2jz's are capable motors VERY capable motors after a tune and even just light bolt ons. M5 suspension wise even stock is gonna ruin ur t birds day sorry man but that car may not be as fast as ur but has way more potential. Don't get me wrong tho, I like muscle euro and jdm very much so. But don't act like homos wen someone does somthing creative