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Last Call: The Thankgiving Something For All Sizes Edition

LongRoofian November 22, 2012 Hooniverse Goes To..., Last Call 9 Comments

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Hoons. So, today’s posts are to be about Turkey cars but this olelongrooffan loves all things with 4 or more wheel. Hell, I’ve looking for an Aztec to replace my rapidly rusting Comanche. Seriously. Therefore it was tough for me to contribute to this series today. However as I see there is no Last Call posted, I decided to grab it and run for the door.

As this olelongrooffan didn’t gorge myself on a huge Thanksgiving dinner as I was out schleping trailers and meeting the Mad Hungarian, I’m still sober and the MSG from the plate of turkey thejeepjunkie’s better half set aside for me hasn’t kicked in yet, I thought I would pop in this rare, for me, Last Call. As usual, it’s in a bit different format than the ever humorous Mr. Emslie does, plus it is 52 minutes until this needs to be posted so I’ll be brief, somewhat.

Now this olelongrooffan is from a family of 10 kids from the same parents. 5 boys and 5 girls. I am the oldest of the youngest 2 boys and 2 girls. To this day I am referred as “the oldest of the 4 little kids.” Hell, thehorsefarmer said that today to TheBoss out at the track. Anyway, as a result of this I have 27 nieces and nephews, not to mention the ones my daughter’s cousins who call me uncle. I also have, I think, 11 grand nieces and nephews. At last count. We are a randy bunch.

Anyway, while they all seem to enjoy having this olelongrooffan around, I am damn sure if I showed up at a family event with the above seen combination of vehicles, they would never let me leave.

Happy Thanksgiving my fellow Hoons and remember to be thankful for everything you have no matter what scale it might be.

Be sure to press ctrl and hit + on the image to embig it.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

  • Poolholes

    What kind of car is on front Great looking car

    • jeepjeff

      The blue one with the #40? It's a '33 Ford Coupe of some sort or another. Possibly a kit/reproduction.

  • Tom Lee

    BARNGODDES saw this set too. Told me to keep walking, I didn't need to have three more cars in the barn.
    The little one was cute, sit on roof and drive… like those cooler scooters you've seen around.
    Had great day at the track last two days, but tonight I'm wind-burt from all the wind out there.

  • Tom Lee

    Heck, what were you looking at LongRoof, when I hit control +, a few times, all I see is the Danica's wantabe's rear end…… not a bad one I might admit……….

    • Bus Plunge

      Ditto for me too Tom, I got this thing so big and I never could find Waldo. Not how to I make it smaller?

  • You met Lapchick? The Mad Hungarian? Really?

    <img src="http://www.imcdb.org/i013493.jpg"&quot; width=500>

  • gearz1

    That # 40 car duo looks great,Any other shots or details?

    • jeepjeff

      It really does. Also, a car that can really pull off 18" wide Hoosiers. I hope he's got power steering though.