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A Hooniverse Thanksgiving Turkey — LaForza(!)

Jim Yu November 22, 2012 All Things Hoon, Hooniverse Thanksgiving Turkey 20 Comments

When our fearless co-leader Jeff G. asked us contributors for Hooniverse Thanksgiving Turkeys, the LaForza immediately popped in my head. It is so audaciously, bodaciously, and deliciously…bad.

The luxury SUV was Italian-designed; powered by a Ford V8; assembled near Oakland, California; and as ugly as sin. I saw my first in the 1980s at a car lot in Irvine, California, and I saw my last a few years ago in Port Townsend, Washington. I’m still scratching my head. I am speechless, so why not check out this promotional video (check out its toughness at the 4:20 mark) and walkaround video? Please to enjoy!


Image source: Motor Trend

  • RetroBox

    "this here is an '89, Pina Colada designed LaForza. These rigs are awesome, they're on an Ivecko, Eveeco, however you wanna say it, frame-chasees."

    • He's no saabkyle04 on YouTube.

    • Devin

      It wasn't even designed by Pina Colada! It was designed by Tom Tjaarda.

      • Rover1

        So it's just like a Pantera, Tom Tjarda design ,Ford V8, made in Italy!

  • Rover1

    Well taste is subjective, but I don't find it ugly. The wheel arches look a bit tight and the facelift grille a little 'loose' but overall it has a clean Guigiaro ' Fiat Uno meets Range Rover' vibe. Extra points for using Citroen BX taillights. Minus points for following that through with BX body production tolerances.

  • Kogashiwa
  • racer139

    Can you still get parts for thease hooptys? if it werr cheap enought id rebody it with a custom meyers manx body or maybe a fibreglass hummer recreation. and change every electrical doohickey and wire in it maybe try out that new isis system.

  • e24tony

    I saw one of these at Cars and Coffee once.

    I was so giddy and no one knew why until I told them how special it was.

  • lilpoindexter

    I remember seeing these at the LA Auto show when they were new…I thought they were cool because they used a Mustang 5.0…I didn't think they looked bad, either.

  • Vavon

    <img src="http://www.leblogauto.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/09/Joest_J_O/Magnum.jpg"&gt;
    In Europe they were known as the Rayton Fissore Magnum 4×4!
    More nfo and pics here: <a href="http://zumann.com/rayton-fissore-magnum.html” target=”_blank”>http://zumann.com/rayton-fissore-magnum.html

  • RogueInLA

    About 2 years ago one of these came into the local Pick A Part, the regulars (and the yard personel) couldnt figure out what the heck it was. Ratty on the inside, but had obviously been pretty fancy when new. "Is it a modified Ford?"….. "Is it some kind of Rover with a Ford engine swap?" lots of guesses, wasn't until I got home to the computer that I had a clue what it was. It sat almost untouched, except for the engine pieces for 2 months, then it was cycled out to the crusher.

  • Maymar

    There's one in Toronto. I've seen it move under its own power. It enchants me a little.

    I'd like to know how much it inspired the second-generation Range Rover though.

  • Funny, The Apollo GT was Italian bodywork assembled in Oakland… but nah, that was powered by a Buick V-8. And extremely good looking.

    <img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/f/fe/Apollo_5000_GT_Coupe.jpg/320px-Apollo_5000_GT_Coupe.jpg"&gt;

    • seguin

      They were also built in Dallas as the Vetta Ventura. I forget how many examples.

  • Sjalabais

    Wow, what a seller… Nice jump between good and bad, e.g. the nice great window crack. Ut's not a bug, it's a feature, I guess. Wouldn't pass two yearly technical inspection in Europe just because of that.

  • mallthus

    I recall that when these debuted, they landed in a marketplace that was demanding premium SUVs, but didn't have many choices. They did look better in darker colors, since you couldn't see the massive panel gaps.

  • I saw one of those today, in pretty poor shape.