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A Hooniverse Thanksgiving Turkey – Introducing The King ZL1 Camaro by 813 Customs of Tampa

Jim Brennan November 22, 2012 Hooniverse Thanksgiving Turkey 30 Comments

Thanks for checking on Hooniverse during your Thanksgiving Holiday. We know that between the Parades, the Football Games, Thanksgiving Dinner, and of course, Thanksgiving Drinks, we realize that the Hoons that come here during the week might want some automotive frivolity, if only to take a break from their family for a few moments. So, in honor of the holiday, we thought we would roll out a few Hooniverse Thanksgiving Turkeys, as in Automotive Turkeys…

Our first featured car recently received a lot of press when Justin Hyde wrote an article about this car for Yahoo Autos, and it was picked up by Jalopnik, and Autoholics, among others. This is just about the tackiest Camaro ever, and the haterade brewing under the surface is rather telling. Justin’s article seems to compare the current customs that are built like this to the crazy customs churned out in the 60s by George Barris, and Ed Roth. I actually agree with Justin, but what do you think about this trend?

This is a car that is not for everybody, but it is a car that took a lot of time and skill to bring it to the finished product you see here. The large diameter (30-inch Forgiato) rims/tire combination is the absolute first thing that come into question. They really do nothing for the handling, ride, or drive-ability of the car, but that isn’t the point is it? Think of them as rolling plinths, something to raise the car so it makes it easier to display.

The car has been described as a ZL1, which is erroneous. According to Evan “Evo” Yates, who writes for Rides Magazine, the car is actually an SS, made to look like a ZL1. This car, like an earlier King Camaro built by the same crew, required a complete tear down and rebuild to make everything fit, and the results are… questionable at best. Let’s go back to the wheels for a moment. To make them fit, the wheel openings had to be reworked, which takes a skilled body man to make it look flawless. The entire interior has been replaced with unique fiber glass panels. They may not be your taste, but the work that went into producing them is outstanding.

About that finish… Again, according to the Rides article, it isn’t a gold vinyl wrap but actual paint. You see, 813 Customs used a paint called Cosmichrome, and then candied over it to create the shiny gold effect. It has been said this this is a very expensive process, much in keeping with the rest of this car.

So what do you have to say about this Camaro? In keeping with the Yahoo Auto article, would you pronounce this car Art, or Crap? You have to admire the work that went into it, and just like modern art it makes a statement. An art teacher told me a long time ago that art is suppose to make you think, and this car really excels at making you think. I used to be on the side of the haters when it came to cars like this, but now I’m just indifferent.

Read the articles from Yahoo Autos, Jalopnik, Autoholics, Camaro5, and Rides, then decide on your own.

(Turn off the sound if Urban Music isn’t your thang…)

Image Sources: Rides, Yahoo Autos, 813 Customs Facebook Page

  • ConstantReader

    This vehicle certainly makes a statement and nobody could be indifferent at first blush. My first reaction was "hideous" but after reading what went into it, I do admire the work and craftsmanship. I don't believe a comparison to works from the 60s is fair or appropriate. After all, Barris and Roth were breaking new ground and creating vehicles sometimes out of thin air and not based on any existing chassis or car. This Camaro, on the other hand, is a NEW car that got seriously blinged. And as such, no thought was given about engineering. I doubt those thirty inch wheels improve real world handling at speed. It may be art for making us think, but good luck with being nostalgic about it 40 years hence.

  • Roger

    Hideous. Absolutely hideous. Wasted time, talent & $$$$$.

  • $kaycog

    Not my cup of tea, but we all have different tastes. Also, all that is gold sometimes does glitter.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Mr. Brennan!

  • Devin

    Stupid American thanksgiving. I've got the slowest day at work ever, and but so little internet amusement.

    As for the car, it's like that billion dollar apartment that made its way around the internet a while ago. Very expensive, lots of difficult to accomplish finishes, high quality workmanship, but it lacks taste, and taste is kind of important as it turns out. Take it out on a summer's eve and that's what you're going to look like.

    • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

      Last sentence…

      Very nicely done.

    • we have posts every 2 hrs from 7 to 3 – hope that helps, I know its not a lot but hey… WE'RE DRINKING OVER HERE!

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    Not. Enough. Napalm. On. The. Planet.

    • Rover1

      I believe the phrase 'Nuke it from orbit' may also well apply.

  • gearz1

    I can appreciate the work that went into it,but in my opinion they went overkill for the publicity,and got it.

  • The Professor

    Yes indeed, a very skilfully made ugly car. The interior color is not a pleasant accent to the gold, possibly the worst choice of color possible except maybe pink.
    Speaking of pink, I'd take one of those weird pink Bentleys over this Camero, just because they're so much more subtle.

    • gearz1

      The interior color is "Cash Green" .



  • Matt


    What has been seen cannot be unseen…

  • Irishzombieman

    The one day of the year that we celebrate by eating and eating and eating and eating, and Hooniverse goes and spoils my appetite. Jerks.


    • Irishzombieman

      Happy Thanksgiving to all!

    • Number_Six

      Nah, Jim is doing you a favour by getting you to purge before you binge! More space for turkey and pie!

    • jeepjeff

      How can you say spoiled? When you want seconds, just hit this page, quick trip to the can, and presto! More room!

  • The thing's just butt ugly, that's all I can say. But, it is what it is. Just as bad, was the Lingenfelter Camaro I saw being trailered in for a little car show that we had here in town over the summer. You've got one of the fastest Camaros ever built and you trailer it, for crying out loud? At least this thing, you wouldn't expect it to be driven in anger, probably gets trailered everywhere it goes, and that's fine. But the other one, sheesh. Still bugs me.

  • OA5599

    Just because one can doesn't mean one should.

  • wunno sev

    i love it

    i love this, donks, anything ridiculous. like the article says, ride, handling practicality, all of these concerns completely miss the point of cars like these, which is to be flashy and obnoxious. i don't think i'd ever drive a donk, but i am glad they exist.

  • Vavon

    <img src="http://images.forum-auto.com/mesimages/822040/106chrome1.jpg"&gt;
    Oh dear God!!! Oh well, luckily I prefer silver over gold…

  • Van_Sarockin

    Thanks,Jim, I didn't really want to keep any food down today. But the car does have consistency going for it. Happy TG one and all!

  • gearz1

    Some of us like duece coupes and a few like drag cars.Some like lowriders and some like trucks.What we have in common is we like our cars, and driving and making our statement.

  • While I agree the coachwork is excellent and paint job is flawless and there are some out there who like this, in my world, see that forklift in the background of the first image? Us it to hoist goldie up and drop it in the nearest rolloff dumpster. But thanks for sharing it USMan.

  • danielfilmmaking


  • Offanman

    I will state that is the biggest waste of work and cash. The amount of work to make a mediocre looking car, look hideous. A crusher is awaiting to rid all of us out of our misery. The paint is interesting but that is the extrent of that. Maybe this article should have been titled "The largest waste of work and machining ever to grace a vehicle. Sorry my eyes had to witness that abomination, it will take years to remove that image out of my memory.

  • mallthus

    This is like those Crucifix in a Jar of Urine art pieces everyone was in a furor over 20 years ago (I can't be bothered to recall the artist).
    I can appreciate the thought process, the skill and craftsmanship, and the time put into this effort. I can appreciate it as "art". I can also say that I absolutely hate it and find it an affront to both my automotive and artistic sensibilities.

  • Dutch

    Smallest penis ever.

  • topdeadcentre

    C3PO, your car has arrived.

  • Alex L.

    One of my favorite definitions of art is that it can serve no practical purpose. Ladies and gentlemen: Art!