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The Travelling Toy Viper Is in Texas

Yes, your eyes aren’t fooling you. The world’s internet’s FinalGear’s favourite toy car has reached the New World, and the Circuit of the Americas at that. After making it to the Nürburgring and fooling around Great Britain and Santorini, it made it to Croatia, from where it was shipped to a tall and loud German guy on his way to Texas.

Accompanied by a couple bottles of a Slovenian soda concoction only known as Cockta (the tagline goes, Try Cockta. You won’t be able to get the taste out of your mouth) and some Dutch Stroopwaffles, the Viper has now reached its spiritual home country.

The Viper also found a travel companion in the form of an Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV. They met way back in Germany.

It’s a lovely story, really.

So, from now on the Viper and the Alfa will be travelling around the United States for a while. Whatever the hi-jinks that lay ahead, there will be updates. At least losing any more parts after the wing mirrors is unlikely by now, unless someone snaps off the tires!

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[Photo credits: FinalGear]