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Last Call- Limouflage Camousine Edition

Robert Emslie November 21, 2012 Last Call 10 Comments

I say good chap, could you spare some Grey Poupon, FOR MY FRESHLY KILLED VENISON?

Image: [Imgur]

  • MVEilenstein

    Shameless plug for my forum post in the Help! section. http://forum.hooniverse.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&amp

    Right now, I'm unable to find my Haynes Manunal, and I think that's bugging more than the mechanical issue.

    • racer139

      Sounds like a throwout bearing.PIA gotta remove the tranny. In these parts that truck would be rotten and not worth it.

  • skitter

    For the discrete hedonist.

  • Van_Sarockin

    This is how Lincoln got shot during hunting season.

  • Duck Dynasty

  • I stared at it for a minute and it suddenly turned into a 3-D '65 Continental.

  • Jethrine

    Not fancy mustard, ranch dressing.

    • Irishzombieman

      . . . mixed with barbecue sauce.


    I always thought the idea of getting a limo was so that you could be seen in it?

  • dukeisduke

    Useless. The repeating pattern is lame.