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Historic Sportscar Racing: The Ornch Race Car Edition

LongRoofian November 21, 2012 All Things Hoon, Hooniverse Goes To... 9 Comments

As it turns out, this olelongrooffan was instructed that I need not head out to the Turkey Rod Run the absolute first thing this morning so I thought I would pop up a post about cars that seem to have a huge following over at all things that are about my face. Yes my fellow Hoons, that would be The Ornch Cars. As I was sitting on top, nearly all by my lonesome having lunch and a smoke and a coke (yes I saw the sign but that dude down the way was the only other human being up there and the wind was blowing from him to me), of the NASCAR yellow garages there in the FanZone trying to figure out how to break down the posts of these images I gathered I was on FB and decided these needed a post all their own. My fellow Hoons can see them should all ya’all decided to make the jump.

Of course, one of the first images must be of one of my favorite cars, a BMW 2002. This one was pretty well sorted out and the fact the bonnet and the trunk lid open in the same direction just another plus in my book. A streetable version of this is on my very long bucket list of cars to own.

Yeah, that dual carb inline four was just something to die for. While it didn’t hold up to well against the competitors in the races I saw it in, I think it was just because

this Patrick Motorsports 914-6 was in the same race. This one actually gave its competitors a rousing run for the money. And looks good to boot.

Other than the 356 and the 914, this will always be the ultimate Porsche to this olelongrooffan. Its color only adds to its desirability.

But then a little bit later, I stumble upon this icon. It was in the same race as that 914-6 and the 2002. It kicked their butts. But that would be expected.

I mean, what is not to like about a vintage Camaro, I think it is a first gen 67, ornch race car.

And it was sharing its space over in the blue garage area with a Gulf laden Porsche 911. Life really has a hard time getting better than this for this olelongrooffan.

See that dude just outside the driver’s door? I was in a search for some specific sized fuel jug racks for a client of mine and he had a couple mounted in his trailer. As I have, and continue to, been searching for them, I asked him where he bought them. He laughed and mentioned he fabricated them. This olelongrooffan asked him if he would make Casey some of them and he just laughed and said Casey didn’t have enough money. Obviously this Ornch car wrench doesn’t know Casey.

Now as nice as that first gen Camaro was, just on the other side of the blue garages was this vintage Z/28. With those period correct wheels, it looked fast just sitting still.

And this Alfa Romeo is simply beyond words. There was a yellow sister car sitting in the bay beside it that will be seen sometime soon here in the Hooniverse.

Brumos even showed up with their own vintage Ornch 914-6. If there is any team in the world who owned an original 914-6 with those box fenders and showed up for fun here at the Daytona International Speedway, I am confident it would be Brumos.

Bonus points for sharing a bay next to a nearly Ornch 911 over in the yellow garages. Sadly, Hurley Haywood was nowhere in sight.

Sorry for the fuzzy image but this olelongrooffan just had to include this Mazda Raceway Laguna Sega 2011 decal just, well, because.

But my fellow Hoons, of all the cars out there that particular weekend, this is the one this olelongrooffan has the hardest time identifying. It looks to me to be a mid 80’s Celica but then again these aren’t really my specialty so I just don’t know.

But this olelongrooffan is equally confident pretnear every one of my fellow Hoons will ridicule me in the comments and identify it upon first sight. But hey, cut me some slack. I think I identified the car in UDMan’s Caption Contest post yesterday. Check the comments.

Hey, gotta go. TheBoss just paged me and I’m heading to the track.

Happy Thanksgiving.

image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan


  • Dean Bigglesworth

    99-06 Celica.
    <img src="http://www.thetorquereport.com/toyotacelica2.jpg&quot; width="600" img>

  • Neat stuff. If given the choice, I would have a very hard time deciding between the 914-6 and the Alfa.

  • Paint the world orange! One thing that I have learned in my years being a Ducati fan is that some reds photograph really orange, and everyones reaction is WTF is up with the orange?!

    So, orange, right? Not red?

  • JayP2112


  • MVEilenstein

    That Celica looks like one of those old Goody's Dash Series cars, minus the absurd wing.

  • racer139

    To me that celica looks to have a fibreglass front clip like the ones the pro import drag racers used.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Thank you, Great Pumpkin! You really came through this year.

  • Bus Plunge

    I read this whole dang post and I thought "Ornch" was either a very rich car owner or an engine maker or a class of cars. It wasn't until I read "Muthalovin's" reply that I realized what the commonality of all these photos was and what "Ornch" meant.

    I'm sitting here at my computer on the day after turkey day and my wife, as she got up from her computer to go into the kitchen to get a drink, asked me if I wanted anything to drink while she was up.

    I told her…….well to find out what I told her you have to read this post and the comments attached: http://oleragtop.blogspot.com/2011/08/on-road-den