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A Hooniverse Thanksgiving Turkey reminder

Tomorrow is the day we all sit around with our family, get drunk and shove vast quantities of food down our throats. It’s a joyous, truly American day. Of course, our own Antti will probably be sleeping, not overeating, but still drinking, seeing as he is quite Finnish. Occasional new guy contributor Joel Strickland will definitely be drunk because he’s Australian, which I’m assuming means he does keg stands while simply standing right side up and his friends lift the keg.

The rest of us will not be around that much tomorrow.. but we’ve already but our respective buns in the ovens. Get ready for another round of Hooniverse Thanksgiving Turkey talk. We bring you our respective picks for automotive turkeys, and you get to digest them in the comment sections of each post.

It’s a good excuse to get away from your family for a moment… or to yell at others virtually as you choke down more spiked cider.

A final reminder… don’t drink and drive. Hail a cab, and let your friendly driver hoon you off to your next destination. I have the keys to some cool shit this weekend (well, one cool thing – the other might be an abomination, and I’m not talking about the Prius) but it’s all staying put until I drive it with a hangover on Friday.

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  1. LTDScott says:

    It'll be the opposite for me. A dry Thanksgiving day, followed by camping out in the desert where my rowdy friends where Tecates will be flowing and 3-wheelers will be going.

  2. Devin says:

    Well I'll be going to work, but maybe I can get drunk there.

  3. $kaycog says:

    For those of you staying home and fixing Thanksgiving Dinner, here's a great way to cook that turkey:

    1. Go buy a turkey.
    2. Take a drink of whiskey.
    3. Put turkey in the oven.
    4. Take another 2 drinks of whiskey.
    5. Set the degree at 375 ovens.
    6. Take 3 more whiskeys of drink.
    7. Turk the bastey.
    8. Whiskey another bottle of get.
    9. Ponder the meat thermometer.
    10. Glass yourself a pour of whiskey.
    11. Bake the whiskey for 4 hours.
    12. Take the oven out of the turkey.
    13. Floor the turkey up off of the pick.
    14. Turk the carvey.
    15. Get yourself another scottle of botch.
    16. Tet the sable and pour yourself a glass of turkey.
    17. Bless the dinner and pass out.

  4. joelstrick says:

    No keg stands planned here downunder, but a few beers may be consumed

  5. Feds_II says:

    Fuck you guys, Thanksgiving was last month.



    P.S. Well into my second large tumber of scotch.

  6. POLAЯ says:

    Thappy Hanksgiving Everbloogy!

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