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Historic Sportscar Racing: Another Spectator Cars Edition

LongRoofian November 20, 2012 All Things Hoon 7 Comments

So this olelongrooffan would suspect my fellow Hoons remember I experienced a wonderful day out at the Historic Sportscar Races a couple weekends ago.  I still have a few posts left about that experience and today I thought I would share with my fellow Hoons some more of the spectator’s cars I spotted out there that day.

Check out the above image of that license plate surrounds. Sounds kind of arrogant to you?

At first this olelongrooffan thought so also but then found it to be rather humorous as it was parked where it was and that would be across Daytona’s Garage Road from these beauties.

I would suggest that R8 driver had that license plate bracket custom made as I can’t believe there would be a huge market for guys who own a street legal R8 as well as an R8 Protoype.

And this SUV, in addition to that mini Yamaha ATV, was one of their support vehicles.

Earlier when I mentioned about where that R8 was parked. In addition to the proximity to the yellow garage area, it was also resting comfortably with some other pretty nice vehicles next to that Patron Transporter. 

Yeah, this olelongrooffan has lusted after an SC400 coupe since the day they were born. A hot blonde I dated for a while back in the day had one and it was sweet. She turned out to be not so. Loved that coupe though.

And the decals on the rear of an older Cherokee, one of which this olelongrooffan owned a Limited version of back in the day. Pretty obscure decals on a vehicle from the relatively rural Martin County of my Sunshine State.

Ahem. Yes. Why? Bentley. If I could get this for the same price our Chief Blooger’s lovely partner got that Prius, yeah, I’d be all over it.

And what fun is any trip to the Daytona International Speedway without a 70’s era love machine.

Over in the driver’s campground while checking out that mini Mustang show and that GT for $kaykog, this Porsche was spotted. To me this is one of the most undesirable Porsches ever. They just seem to be tried to be everything to everybody and have seemed to have lost some of their focus on the basic product. So I hear anyway.

And on the way out that afternoon, just before I spotted that Centro, I saw this beautiful Corvette from it’s infancy years out by the West Horseshoe. Yeah, it reminded me that the Turkey Rod Run was rapidly approaching.

It’s this coming weekend here in chilly Daytona Beach, Florida. Hell, the high on Monday was a cloudy blustery 61 degrees. BBBBBrrrr…

  • EAM3

    I have a picture of my wife standing next to that very R8 (same license plate) when we attended the Legends of Motorsports at Sebring in 2010. Yes, it was next to the R8 Prototypes then too.

  • See the bitchin' luxo Patron transporter? That's why you pay like nine bucks a shot for Patron, which tastes just like the crummy well tequila that they use to make cheap Margaritas when they're on special (I can almost see Mexico from here, I'm kind of a tequila snob).

  • SSurfer321

    Audi R8 Spyder for a company car? The difficult life of a factory backed driver.

  • Van_Sarockin

    That license plate frame is very helpful – since I have so much trouble keeping my R8s straight.

  • R8 or that 911 parked next to it?

    911 all the way for me.

  • dukeisduke

    I dig the early SC400s, too, the ones before they added chrome to the taillights, and that little grille in front.

  • calzonegolem

    Gotta say I'm a big fan of the Panamera. If I had the bucks I'd be dd'ing one.