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Craigslist: Jet-powered ’67 Ford Mustang

“Serious Inquiries Only”

I hate when people write that in their ads, but in this case I am willing to make an exception. No one who is not serious should not operate anything jet-powered. Period. Furthermore, this ad should have said “Crazy people with a death wish only, please”

Find out why after the jump..

[Source: Pittsburgh Craigslist | Thanks Mike!]

This is the cockpit. In my mind, death is certain. This also maybe the reason why the car is for sale. Any potential buyer should inspect the seat for remnants of burned skin which belong to the previous owner.

From the ad:

“Krispy Kritter” Jet Engine is a Westinghouse 10,000 HP J34. Vehicle is a 1967 Mustang. Ran 308 mph for 1/4 mile. Complete but not running. Serious Inquiries Only. Call 412 766-XXXX between 8am and 6pm. No E-Mails. $30,000 or OBO

Brief and to the point.

I wonder how it handles.

Two parachutes and roll cage should keep you pinned in until well done.

Currently there are "23 comments" on this Article:

  1. Sjalabais says:

    This would be fun to roll out to a traffic light during morning commute. Anyone behind me yet?

  2. danleym says:

    I'd be interested. But, I don't want to be this guy:
    [youtube OtvCIX1mQuA&feature=fvwrel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OtvCIX1mQuA&feature=fvwrel youtube]

  3. Van_Sarockin says:

    That is one spectacularly good idea, so long as self preservation isn't much of a priority. The good thing is that this could be done with so little alteration of the bodywork. At least, before the inevitable wipe out.

  4. Nunya says:

    There is no way that would go 308mph in a quarter mile. I doubt it would go that fast period without taking flight. Stock 60s Mustang aerodynamics go to shit before 200mph is reached.

  5. mr. mzs zsm msz esq says:

    "The car only ran one time at Sportsmans Park S.C. where it took off, like an airplane, at the 300 ft. mark and hit a telephone pole."

  6. rennsport964 says:

    Ran great until it threw a fan blade and shredded the driver.

  7. jeepjeff says:

    Ok, so it isn't running right now, and getting it running is suicidal, as it wouldn't even be safe to run at Bonneville. Who has more than $30,000 in hatred for their HOA?

  8. dukeisduke says:

    Burns? I'd worry more about the engine flying apart, and being shredded by compressor blades.

  9. CptSevere says:

    How do you keep the immense intake of that jet engine from sucking the Mustang grille into the works? Air Force guys call that FOD. Look at the scoops on a fighter jet, and from that figure the amount of air that these engines ingest. No way will it inhale through that Mustang grille. That pony would end up sucked into the engine, and into the compressor blades, and the thing would grenade. Nah, I'll pass.

    • jeepjeff says:

      See rennsport964's comment. Who is sitting next to those blades when it throws one? It might be a quick death.

  10. POLAЯ says:

    I love it! Be great for campfires! Not so much for the tent trailer. But I'd never be able to live with that bloody offset footwell. And where's the gear shifter?

  11. POLAЯ says:


    (Unless you're actually a Pilot, then maybe.)


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