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Who Needs a Calendar? You do.

Ray Lindenburg November 19, 2012 All Things Hoon 29 Comments

With all the technology that surrounds us these days, it’s good to know that there are still things made of metal and paper and real stuff.  Like calendars.  Sure, your smart phone has one built in, your car can probably tell you what day it is and there’s likely an electronic day planner at the bottom of your cereal bowl.  Okay, I may exaggerate a bit, but I’ll tell you right now that your iPhone will not respond well to having a nail driven through it. 

The 2013 Hooniverse Calendar will, however.  That’s why you need one.  Save your iPhone for Youtube videos, games, and whatever else you may enjoy (ahem).  Put this calendar on your wall.  With a nail.  Like they did in the old days.

It’s been designed to be nice and simple – easily readable from across the garage, and chock full of awesome photos that you may or may not have seen here on the pages of Hooniverse.com or in the Forums. 

It’ll be available starting on Cyber Monday – that’s the 26th for us oldtimers.  So set aside a few bucks and buy one for yourself and a friend.  They’ll love you for it.  Coming soon to a Hooniverse near you…

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  1. dukeisduke says:

    I like it, but I think it could use some grid lines, so you can write stuff in on the dates.

  2. Manic_King says:

    English/Finnish/Polish. How quirky. What size is this thing and do you deliver to places outside US?

    There is one typo, too. Sunday in Finnish is Sunnuntai, one N is missing.

    • mr. mzs zsm msz esq says:

      The Polish is missing diacritics, and Polish calendars start on Monday. That's okay though I still want it. Oh wait, I know, make eight columns, ha! I'll just go and use a sharpie on the Polish if I have to.

      poniedziałek wtorek środa czwartek piątek sobota niedziela

      • Hatchtopia says:

        You all are a bunch of diacritics. Ha!

        I'll fix the Sunnuntai issue, but I'm not sure the Polish with get its little fuzzy things. I don't think my fancy font has those.

        The quirk is a result of our international cast of writers. Haven't finalized the details on ordering, but it should be 8.5×11-ish. More to come soon – I'll check and see if international orders are available.

  3. MVEilenstein says:


  4. jeremy![™] says:

    can i get 2012 calendars at discount?

  5. Van_Sarockin says:

    How odd and impractical. Those poor couch cushions are going to have the change shaken out of them like they've never seen.

  6. needthatcar says:

    Everyone on my list is getting one! My 8 year old neice is going to be pissed!

  7. P161911 says:

    Tough choice between this and the Hemming's Abandoned Autos calendar. Which one to put where……

  8. Motusid says:

    Can i get one shipped to India?

  9. Rover1 says:

    Aaand how much is postage to New Zealand?

  10. SSurfer321 says:

    I may have to snag this, but for the last umpteen years I've been getting my calendars from REEF.
    http://www.reef.com/culture/zine/2013-miss-reef NSFW (women in swimwear)

  11. muthalovin says:

    So, how many car calendars are too many? 6, right guys? 7? God, I am going to be calendar rich in 2013!

  12. Van_Sarockin says:

    And, fuck you. I'll drive a nail through my iPhone and time I damn well please!

  13. mr. mzs zsm msz esq says:

    It's not in the shop yet, I don't know how much longer my disposable money will be safe from car-lashes!

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