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Weekend Last Call – Name all the Bond Cars Pictured…

Jim Brennan November 18, 2012 Last Call 11 Comments

I thought it would be great to play a game for the last call this weekend. You didn’t seem to enjoy the Lost Cause Weekend much, so maybe you’ll like this better. The James Bond 007 franchise turned 50 recently, and I thought that this was the foundation for a game like this.

A little history first; The James Bond Car Collection is a partwork magazine published by Eaglemoss Publications in the United Kingdom. Within the UK each issue is priced at £7.99 and comes with a 1:43 model of a car in a diorama from a James Bond film. Initially the models were produced by Universal Hobbies while current issues include models sourced from Ixo. I was able to source some of this collection from fans contributing to the IMCDB (International Movie Cars Data Base), so now let’s get to it. Name the Car in each Image, the Bond Film it’s from, and just for fun, the Actor who played Bond when this car was used. Some are very easy, others are a little more difficult. Begin after the jump…

1) This should be easy, so just for fun, what was the cargo in the bed anyway?

2) This one will be a little difficult. Are you up to it?

3) Not an accurate rendition of the model, but see if you can guess anyway.

4) Another rather difficult one.

5) This should be an easy one.

6) I bet this one throws you off just a bit.

7) One of my favorite scenes in any Bond Film. Name the actor who played the lead villain if you can…

8) I had to look this one up myself, so it will be difficult.

9) This one is not as easy as you think.

10) You know the film, but try and identify the vehicle. Bonus: Where was this vehicle just before this scene?

11) Another difficult car to place. Good Luck!

12) This should be easy, so for fun, identify the lead Actress in this film.

13) This car was in a very minor roll. Where did it end up in the movie?

14) This one is going to be very hard to identify.

15) You thought the last one was hard? Try this one!

16) One of my least favorite Bond Films. Name the actor who played the lead villain…

17) Interesting car for this movie. Tell me where this car ended up in the film.

18) Awful model, and a small role in this film.

19) Good Luck trying to identify this film. I had to look it up as I didn’t remember it at all.

20) This will be very difficult to identify. Name the country where it appeared.

21) Iconic scene for an iconic car. Bonus: Name the lead actress in this film.

22) This should be very easy for you. Bonus: Name the star who played the lead villain.

23) A rather difficult one. I had to look it up.

24) Loved this car, so along with identifying it and the film, tell me where the location was suppose to be.

25) Bit part, driven by the lead acress of this film. Name her.

26) One of the more important cars of this film. Name the villain behind the wheel, and where it was suppose to take place.

27) One of the worst Bond Cars in my opinion.

28) Small scene in this Bond film. Bonus: Name the actress behind the wheel!

29) Good luck with this one! Bonus: Name the Actor who played the lead villain.

30) Iconic, and very easy!

31) Iconic, but not really that easy.

32) This should be very easy for the Bond fanatic. Name the character who drove this car in the movie.

33) Yes, it’s iconic, but name the film where this scene took place.

34) Should be easy, so let’s see if you got it. By the way, where did this car end up?

35) Iconic, and should be very easy. Name the lead actress at the wheel, and what nick name did she call the car?

36) Your clue is in the background. Bonus: Name the lead actress of this film.

37) This should be a slam dunk.

38) Not as easy as it looks. Name the character shown at the rear of the van.

39) Ugh, i really don’t like this Bond film, but this will be the most difficult one yet to identify.

40) Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy. Not one of the main vehicles of the film, but memorable none-the-less.

41) Iconic and memorable. Bonus: Name the stunt driver for this film if you can.

42) This should be a cake walk. Bonus: Name the Actress who bond was chasing in this scene.

43) A rather difficult one.

Did you do it? Did you identify all the Bond Cars? Answers revealed over the Holiday Weekend…

  • Devin

    Entirely from memory, no cheating, no matter what happens I'll be disappointed in myself.

    1- Ford Ranchero, Goldfinger, Connery, hauling a Continental.
    2- Ford Cortina, Diamonds are Forever, Connery? Okay that's probably wrong.
    3- VW Beetle, obviously, but otherwise no idea.
    4- Audi 5000, Living Daylights, Dalton
    5- Bentley, Man With the Golden Gun, Moore. Probably wrong, I'm remembering a plot point.
    6- Merc 500SEL – Tomorrow Never Dies, Brosnan.
    7- Mini, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Lazenby, villain is Telly Savalas.
    8- Jag XJ8, Casino Royale, Craig. It has to be post-Ford sponsorship anyway.
    9- Land Rover Series II, Living Daylights, Dalton, in the beginning
    10 – Something Russian, Living Daylights, Dalton. I feel like I should know but nope.
    11 – Merc 600, Goldfinger, Connery.
    12 – Lada 1200, Living Daylights, Dalton, lady whose name I constantly forget.
    13 – Lambo Diablo, Die Another Day, Brosnan, it's final appearance is in a visual joke that makes me angry.
    14 – Alfa 159, Quantum of Solace, Craig.
    15 – Ford Ka – In the film not a hydrogen one, if I remember right, so they're wrong – Quantum of Solace, Craig.
    16 – Rolls… that isn't the shitty comedy Casino Royale? I've never seen that, but isn't the villain Woody Allen for stupid reasons?
    17 – Dodge Monaco, A View To a Kill, Moore, it winds up at the bottom of a bridge.
    18 – Ford GT, Die Another Day, Brosnan. Skay, don't watch that movie. Actually, let's revise that, everyone, don't watch that movie.
    19 – Mini Moke, Dr. No, Connery
    20 – No idea, but I think it's one of those not-Jeep Jeeps.
    21- Merc 320SEL or similar, Octopussy, Moore, Maude Adams
    22 – AMC Matador, The Man With the Golden Gun, Christopher Lee
    23 – Range Rover, Casino Royale, Craig
    24 – Ford Skyline, Thunderball I think, Connery, Nassau? I think I'm wrong actually.They actually had one in Die Another Day too in the stupid Cuba section.
    25 – Ford Thunderbird, Die Another Day, Halle Berry
    26 – Jag XKR, Die Another Day, diamond faced guy in the ice palace in Iceland.
    27 – BMW 750il, Tomorrow Never Dies.
    28 – Ferrari F355, Goldeneye, Brosnan, Famke Janssen
    29 – Maserati Quattroporte, License to Kill, Dalton, Robert Davi
    30 – Sunbeam Alpine, Dr. No.
    31 – Citroen Tracton Avant, From Russia With Love, Connery
    32 – Lincoln Continental, Goldfinger, Oddjob, it's in the back of that Ranchero.
    33 – Aston DB7, lots of them but this one's from Thunderball.
    34 – Toyota Crown, You Only Live Twice, Connery, it is taken out by a helicopter to a lake.
    35 – Mercury Cougar, OHMSS, Diana Rigg, dunno what she called it.
    36 – Checker cab, Live and Let Die, Moore, Jane Seymour
    37 – AMC Hornet, Man with the golden gun.
    38 – Leyland van, Spy Who Loved Me, Jaws.
    39 – MG TF, one of the unofficial ones? Don't remember anyone driving it.
    40 – Esprit Series II, For Your Eyes Only, Moore
    41 – Alfa GTV, Octopussy, Dunno the stuntman
    42 – Renault 11, A View To A Kill, Moore chasing Grace Jones, though he's actually chasing BJ Worth who did the stunt jump off the Eiffel Tower.
    43 – Aston v8 vantage, living daylights.

    So how horribly did I do?

    • JayP2112

      4- Audi 5000, Living Daylights, Dalton

      That was an ABT tuned 200. Those fender flares would show up on the 200 20v turbo quattro.

    • Thebloody

      #9 is a Series III, Series II and IIA had their headlights in the grill.

  • Uncle Charlie

    Came for the Bond SAAB, leaving disappointed… http://www.google.ca/search?q=bond+saab&hl=en

  • Synchromesh

    #10 is a very strange and unrealistic modification of UAZ 469 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UAZ-469)

  • Number 24 is no doubt supposed to be the '57 Ford Skyliner from Die Another Day (itself evocative of the '57 Skyliner in Thunderball), but the lump behind the rear seat makes the model look more like a Sunliner instead. They got the trunk lid right for a Skyliner, though, so it's something of a mishmash.

    Worse, there's also a model of the Thunderball car in the series, but the model maker didn't seem to realize the car's supposed to be a retractable hardtop. It has a fixed top with no seam for the front fold, although again the trunk lid is correct for a Skyliner. Sloppy.

    <img src="http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8304/7815292828_ebbf040bd8.jpg&quot; width="450">

  • Gio

    29) was a Quattroporte, not a 422

  • Gio

    I will not check on the web so I'll probably miss some of the Bond Girls' names, but I'm pretty
    confident I won't be much wrong with the cars as I have seen all the movies multiple times:

    1) Ford Ranchero – Goldfinger – A lincoln and some gold in the back
    2) Ford Granada (Cortina) – For your eyes only (Jaw's in the back)
    3) VW Beetle – At her Majesty's secret service
    4) Audi V8 – Living Daylights
    5) Daimler ds420 – Casino Royale
    6) Mercedes S Class – Tomorrow never dies
    7) Mini – At her Majesty' secret service – Telly Savalas as Blofeld
    8) Jaguar XJ8 – Casino Royale (?)
    9) Land Rover – The Living Daylights
    10) Land rover – The Living Daylights (the car was on a plane before)
    11) 600 Pullman – Octopussy
    12) Lada 1500 – The Living Daylights (hey you really liked that one)
    13) Lamborghini Diablo – Die another day – car was throw off a plane with the others
    14) Alfa Romeo 159 – Quantum of solace
    15) Ford Ka – Quantum of solace
    16) Hispano Suiza J12 – Moonraker
    17) Dodge Monaco – A view to a kill
    18) Ford Gt40 – Die another day (really an awful model)
    19) Mini Moke – Live and let die
    20) Willys Jeep – Octopussy (the one Roger Moore used in India to escape in a bodybag)
    21) Mercedes Benz (280?)Se – Octopussy
    22) AMC Matador – The Man with the golden gun (the bad guy was Christoper Lee, of course)
    23) Range Rover – I'd say in Quantum of Solace, in the parking lot of an hotel
    24) Ford Fairlane 500 Skyliner – Dr. No
    25) Ford Thunderbird – Die another day – Halle Berry
    26) Jaguar XKR – Die another day – North pole? don't know the name of diamond encrusted baddie
    27) Bmw 750 – Tomorrow never dies
    28) Ferrari 355 – Goldeneye
    29) Maserati 422 (424? – 425?) – Licence to kill
    30) Sunbeam Alpine – Dr. No
    31) Citroen Traction Avant – From Russia with love
    32) Liconln Continental – driven by Oddjob
    33) Aston Db5 – from the location, probably at the start of Thunderball (after the jetpack scene)
    34) the baddies car in You only live twice – ends up in the sea/ lake, dropped by a big chopper
    35) Ford Cougar – At her Majesty's secret service (dunno the rest)
    36) Checker cab – Live and let die – Gorgeous Stephanie Seymour, of course!
    37) AMC Horent – The man with the golden gun
    38) Leyland Sherpa van – The spy who loved me – Jaws
    39) Lafer (a Brazilian Mg Tc copy) – Moonraker. Stop the Moore/ Bond hate, man: Sir Roger Moore was the best Bond ever!
    40) Lotus Esprit Turbo – For your eyes only
    41) Alfa Romeo GTV – Octopussy
    42) Renault 11 – A view to a kill – chasing Grace Jones
    43) Aston Martin v8 Vantage Volante – The living daylights

    Ok done, what's my prize? It was a long work! And I loved it!

  • jeepjeff

    #19: Mini Moke, The Prisoner, Patrick McGoohan

  • Van_Sarockin

    Such a shame that a flying Matador can't get no respect.

  • fede6882

    I know a some of the cars, and some of the scenes with the cars, but I don't really know the movies or the names…
    The alfa triangle is upside down on the gtv, is it because of some licensing thing?

    Anyway, a really great post!