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Last Call- Porta-FJ Edition

Robert Emslie November 16, 2012 Last Call

I have no idea what this is, or what it means, but it sure makes me laugh. Maybe I need to get checked out? Also, I’m pretty sure now that I’m not epileptic.

Image: [Imgur]

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  1. Alff says:

    I didn't realize there was a TRD FJ.

  2. dukeisduke says:

    It makes sense, in a Fellini kind of way. I've never considered the FJ Cruiser a real FJ anyway.

  3. Van_Sarockin says:

    This explains a lot – it's so much better when the porta potty is right side up.

  4. Jeff_Glucker says:

    How have you not heard of the famous TCL Porta-FJ thread?!

    Seriously, start at page one and just go… I even contributed a bit myself – (username JtotheG)


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