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Hooniverse Asks- What’s Canada’s Coolest Car?

Robert Emslie November 14, 2012 Hooniverse Asks 83 Comments

Alternately known as “America’s Hat” and “Oh yeah, those guys,” Canada has since its July 1, 1867 inception garnered either good natured ribbing or general indifference. And that goes for the most part for the Canadian auto industry as well. But just as you might not know that Canada is home to the World’s longest covered bridge – the 1,282-foot Hartland bridge in New Brunswick – you may also be unaware of all the famous cars that have over the years come off of Canada’s assembly lines.

The first car to do so was a Ford – appropriately named the Model C – which debuted in the Fall of 1904. Sadly for Canadian Model C buyers, Canada’s first gas station didn’t open until 1907. Since then however, both cars and pumps have proliferated across America’s courteous neighbor to the north. Some of those have stayed there, while others have mede the trip to other parts of the world, demonstrating the Canadian workers’ prowess for mechanical assembly and fodder for the cable TV staple How It’s Made.

But which Canadian car is the coolest? See what I did there? Whether it’s Bizzaro World editions of familiar cars with strange names and grilles, or familiar faces that just happen to call Canada their birthplace, Canadian cars are all kinds of quirky. Heck, Ford even has one of their most venerated engines named after its Windsor Ontario plant! So what do you think, which Canadian car is the coolest?

Image: [Old Car Advertising]