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Historic Sportscar Racing: Let’s Start With The Porsches

LongRoofian November 14, 2012 All Things Hoon, Hooniverse Goes To... 7 Comments

So as this olelongrooffan has previously mentioned, I was able to get out to the Daytona International Speedway this past weekend to check out the Historic Sportscar Races and had an absolute blast. Basically free run of the place at absolutely no cost to this olelongrooffan other than the petrol to get the 20 minute drive from my Taj Mahal out to my track. The above imaged Carrera GTS belongs to one of the members of the PCA I had met out at their track days a few weeks ago. He was piloting it as the pace car for each of these races. Note to self, email Jay and hitch a ride in that pace car sometime soon. So anyway, other than that Lola featured earlier here in the Hooniverse, no race cars have been revealed from my experience. Well, my fellow Hoons, that is all about to change should you choose to make the jump.

Now please forgive this olelongrooffan is not all that up on all things Porsche. To me there are 911s and 914s and every other Porsche is just an abomination. Don’t blast me but an automaker trying to be every thing to every one usually ends up in all things not so good. Having said that, check out the ass end of that 911 in the above image. Yes, you can license pretty much anything your heart desires down here in the Sunshine State.

Meanwhile, over in the Sprint Cup yellow garages this 914-6 is preparing to head out onto the famed Daytona International Speedway.

But back to this 911 with those cool ass Puch Fuch wheels. Bus Plunge had one of this gen back when NotSoLilJim turned 16. He wisely liquidated it rather quickly as that boy was going to commandeer it every chance he could. And see that Ornch 914 in the background. Well that particular color of vehicles has not been forgotten by this olelongrooffan.

This particular specimen would be what I refer to as a 911 although it is most likely more than that. Carrera, Carrera GT, Carrera GTS…okay. I just like the carbon fiber hood on it.

And this one is pretty sweet as well. I remember posting about this body style with the wide fender flares and I believe our Hooniverse resident Porsche expert Bradley Brownell mentioned that most of them out there these days are replicas as such a limited number of them were originally produced. Still like it though. And see that 2002 in the background? Stay tuned.

It appears this 911 was following a little too closely to a fellow race car driver who decided to do a little off roading here in the World Center of Racing. I would suspect it is in the Bus Stop area of the track as the soil around it always appears to be a little moist.

And what Hoon doesn’t like anything in Gulf livery colours?

Over in the yellow garages I spotted a group of Porsches who were a member of the 901 team.  I struck up a chat with them and then headed over to check out, in addition to their semi transporter, the ATC trailer they carried their spares in. It turns out that after a hurricane damaged that ATC a few years ago, the firm I work for performed the repairs to it. Yeah, it’s a small world after all. Just don’t want to paint it.

And know this my fellow Hoons, no matter how many events I attend out at my track, this olelongrooffan will never tire of capturing images and experiencing the feeling of this type of exposure to these type of events.

And just quick image of the interior of one of those 901 Porsches.

And because LOWENBRAU.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan