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What The Truck?

Robert Emslie November 13, 2012 All Things Hoon 22 Comments

You may take great price in being able to shuffle a deck of cards in a single hand. Or perhaps you marvel at the culinary dexterity of the chefs at Benihana. Either way, neither of those can hold a candle to this cotton bale loading truck driver. Better sweep up the floor because you’ll need to prepare for your jaw to drop after the jump.

Source: [YouTube]

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  1. Irishzombieman says:

    That was weirdly awesome.

    I live in a cotton producing area and have never seen this sort of rolled thing. Neato.

  2. FrankTheCat says:

    Damn those are some big blunts. Must be heading to Colorado.

  3. P161911 says:

    I like the conveyor system on the floor of the truck.

  4. MVEilenstein says:

    Halfway through I was asking why stand them up. Then I got my answer. Great stuff.

  5. boostedlegowgn says:

    This is the worst tampon commercial ever.

  6. LTDScott says:

    That is the most badass Play-Doh Fun Factory ever.

  7. Tom Lee says:

    I wish I had that truck on the farm, moving those round bales of hay would have been simplified. No need for a tractor, just that truck adn some sloe gin to make the driving thru the fields easier.
    thanks for giving it to us.
    tom, aka horsefarmer

  8. stickmanonymous says:

    Disturbingly, I see it as a truck purging itself of twinkies.

  9. Hopman says:

    Impressed, but let's see him do that in the middle of dowtown Boston.

  10. dukeisduke says:

    That must be a new technology. The way I've seen them done is like giant loaves of bread. The county I live in (Collin Co., Texas) used to be one of the cotton capitols of the U.S., but cotton root rot ended that. It's been a good 15 years since I've seen any cotton grown in Collin Co. I also know someone who's owned the last steam-powered cotton gin in Collin Co. (in McKinney). It was still operating up at least until the late '90s.

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