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Swedish Turbo Tractor Burnouts And Drifting

I wasn’t sure how to title this post.  I went with “Swedish Turbo Tractor Burnouts And Drifting”, but it could very well have been, “All The Gods In All Of The Hooniverse Are Welling Up With Pride” or, “Holy Meatballs!  Swedish Fantasmo Tractor!” 

Basically, the story is, a man in Sweden has adapted a 400 hp Volvo 240 Volvo motor into his tractor, and now he’s hooning the hell out of it.  Click through for the video, which is the best thing you will watch today. 

 YouTube Preview Image 

Terror indeed.  Thanks to Murdo B. for the tip. 


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Currently there are "21 comments" on this Article:

  1. Alff says:

    Good thing he's got the wide front on that tractor!

  2. Sjalabais says:

    I feel this is the first video going viral that I got to follow so closely. Got several e-mails, private messages and forum comments in my inbox today. I'm pleased it is a tractor with a hooned 240 engine.

  3. skitter says:

    When someone says
    You're gonna roll that thing.
    I've learned
    Nah, it slides before it'll roll.
    is not the answer they were looking for.

  4. stickmanonymous says:

    I never knew that incongruous was originally a Swedish adjective…

  5. C³-Cool Cadillac Cat says:



  6. B72 says:

    Hey Lightning McQueen – Tip This!

  7. CptSevere says:

    What you would use this tractor to grow I can only guess, but I think I want some.

  8. Tiller188 says:

    What's odd to me is that I can believe that a tractor was modified to do burnouts and donuts, but I find the beginning of the video really trippy because I just don't expect to see a tractor going that fast.

    I'm also wondering how the exhaust pipe ended up drooping by the end…

  9. Felis_Concolor says:

    For those who did not yet know:

    Having lived on a farm property for a decade, I quickly learned most tractors possessing more than 10hp are equipped with dual brake pedals fitted with a locking bar. Normally you keep them locked together, but there are several situations where you unlock them and use one side brake or the other; a manual form of yaw control. It's one reason, in addition to the wide front wheel track, he can maintain control of that power in the dirt and grass. Check the start of the video; you can see the split brake pedals right around the 0:02 mark.

    • MVEilenstein says:

      Well spotted. I also noticed that, while he was doing donuts, the inside wheel wasn't moving. Was that the brake or the differential?

      • Felis_Concolor says:

        I noticed that, and I also noticed he was performing the reverse maneuver later during the clip. That would indicate some active left/right braking action. It's happening quickly enough it's hard to spot, but I think I can see his braking foot dancing around during that demonstration.

        And now I'm imagining a crazy fusion of Europe's fascinating off road gymkhanas and some precision performance tractor maneuvering. Pivoting using the brake can result in otherwise impossible maneuvers made easy.

        Argh, now I really want to get my Haflinger's dynastarter working again.

  10. Mike Y says:

    With CIS injection and that small of a turbo? I don't think he's anywhere close to 400hp, still fun hooning indeed!

  11. P161911 says:

    I want to know what kind of transmission he has in there to get this kind of speed/wheel RPM. I had a chance to play/work with a diesel Massey-Ferguson tractor, about the same size as the one in the video, when I was growing up. It was nothing to get it to pop a wheelie. That tractor was the first manual transmission that I drove. It was no help when I got a stick shift car. The tractor usually stayed in about 3rd gear for everything, starting, slowing down, everything unless you were trying to pull up a stump of something.

  12. Tanshanomi says:

    You say "deathtrap" like it's a bad thing.

    Seriously, though, this guy either has some legit skills at the controls, or he's a very lucky idiot.
    I'm going with the former, but I'm an optimist.

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