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Historic Sportscar Racing: The Lola Edition

LongRoofian November 13, 2012 All Things Hoon, Hooniverse Goes To... 6 Comments

So, as I mentioned I was able to spend a few hours of unlimited access out at the Daytona International Speedway on Saturday at the Historic Sportscar Races. Near the end of the lunch break, this olelongrooffan decided to head over to the Nationwide Blue Garage area and check out some of those race cars heading out onto this famed motor course.  I am sure glad I chose that moment to head over there. I was able to spot a pretty damn cool sight. my fellow Hoons might just want to make the jump with me to check this one out.

Yeah, among other cars I spotted was this freaking awesome Sunoco Lola. I had seen a bunch of this style race car when I was able to sneak my skinny ass into the gathering of the past Rolex24 winners a whiles back but this one is equally as cool. The team was gearing up to head out onto the track and they fired that sucker up as I was standing this far away from it. The exhaust note is absolutely unfreakingbelieveable.  Yeah, I know there is a name for those stacks and it escapes me but they were singing a sweet melody that day just for this olelongrooffan. Both on the intake and exhaust.


I thought this was a Lola T-70 but a “sunoco lola” google image search refused to to provide me with an image of this exact machine  The rear wing on all of those was much lower and the high up mirror was a little different. It may be a different Mk edition than google was sending my way. But it’s okay, I am certain one of my fellow Hoons knows what it is, who drove it and what powers it. Probably a little of its racing history as well  Earlier today while surfing around trying to find a fuel can rack for one of my customers, I stumbled upon this website and realized it is Lola T-165 probably a 1970 model.


But that high pitched scream of that exhaust sticks in my memory some three days later and I seriously doubt I’ll be able to get it out of my memory anytime soon. Hell, this olelongrooffan still remembers the sound in that auditorium like room nearly a year ago.

I strolled down that garage line up gather some additional images to share with my fellow Hoons, including that Fiat Dino we saw yesterday. The SUNOCO Special was gridded up and ready to get on the track. I’m not real sure what that dude is doing at the ass end of it as it wasn’t cold that day and I doubt he was trying to warm up. There is probably a way to check the exhaust volume that this olelongrooffan knows nothing about.

It was a pretty eclectic group of race cars running in this race. To the left of that Lola is a Blue Oval powered Swift, looking much like the race car this olelongrooffan helped deliver down a ways a few weeks ago. And Porsches, a whole bunch of Porsches.

A little later in the afternoon when this Lola had returned to its temporary home, I wandered over to grab a few more images of it. Sorry about the contrast on my elcheapoebayacquired image taker but this is the cockpit of that historic race car.

But it was this image of that iconic car this olelongrooffan loves the most. Hope my fellow Hoons do also.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

  • danleym

    That's gotta be one of Mark Donohue's cars, right? I know his Camaro was number 6 and had similar blue color and Sunoco sponsorship, and he had 6 when racing Javelins, too.

    • danleym

      And now that I've gone down a bit of an internet rabbit hole researching Mark Donohue, I thought I would share a great quote from him (maybe you've heard it, it was new to me). This comes after he was injured in a wreck and George Follmer had to drive his car for a while:

      "It just doesn't feel right. Seeing another man driving your car, a car you know so well. I imagine it must feel like watching another man in bed with your wife."

    • Thatguy01

      It's a T163. Donohue ran it once in 1969, then Donohue and Penske decided that it wasn't going to get the job done and parked it.

      • danleym

        Cool. Thanks for the info.

  • Tom Lee

    Hey that is one cool car, hw do I get to drive it?????
    Comon, you can get anything t theTrack, can you get me a drive?????
    oh well, I guess I'll suffer.
    Hey did I tell you about the Desoto 50ish ready for pain, only 8500 one dollar bills and you pick the paint color.
    3 spd on column, cherry interior….body perfect…..
    can I borrow 8300 to buy it??????
    no NO NONONONONO was Barngoddess reply………..

    • MVEilenstein

      Talk him down to 7500 and I'm sure John's good for it.