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Modern Art Monday: A 4,400 Car Hot Wheels Mosaic

Scott Ith November 12, 2012 Diecast Delights, Modern Art Monday 8 Comments

Some people are cool as hell. Kevin Champeny is one of those people. I base this judgement soley on the fact that he created this mosaic using 4,400 Hot Wheels (or similar) cars. My living room wall aches for this thing.

Click through for more photos.

The artist specializes in mosaics.  More of his work (mostly non-auto related) can be found on his tumblr site

As for this piece, it weighs in at 550 pounds, so you should probably find a stud in the wall you hang it on.  It is also 9′ x 4′, so it wil lbe prominent – as it should be. 

Hats off, Mr. Champeny.


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  • JayP2112

    When the kid was 3 or 4 we dumped all his HotWheels out in the living room and sorted them by color. We created a 10 car wide rainbow traffic jam all the way to the kitchen. That was a fun day.

  • wisc47

    Oh I totally have the yellow ambulance from the second photo and the red cobra with yellow stripes in the third photo.

    • Devin

      Bottom photo I had: Fire truck, that pink beetle dune buggy (which had rubber tires that didn't turn very well, as memory serves) and the Ferrari Testarossa. From the familiar styles of some of these, I'm not sure all are actually Hot Wheels.

      • wisc47

        I'm pretty sure the ambulance is a Matchbox, as well as a few others.

  • Hot Wheels, Cold Nights.

  • Van_Sarockin

    What astonishing dedication and attentions to detail! Fortunately, we have pills for that now.

  • He ripped the tanker bed off the Peterbilt to maintain the color.

  • Rover1

    And now, just to distract you at work and to win a hat ,please name correctly all these vehicles in both alphabetical order AND the order they are installed, ( from the left ).You have the rest of the day. GO !