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Last Call- Looking Sharp-ie Edition

Robert Emslie November 12, 2012 Last Call 12 Comments

Auto makers frequently vinyl wrap their upcoming models in geometric or paisley designs to hide the detail of their yet announced shapes. This Okinawa-located R33 on the other hand, has been artistically detailed – by hand – with the original intent of hiding a scratch. Done all in Sharpie by the owner’s girlfriend, it’s both one of a kind, and totally amazing. Check out the build (draw?) thread here.

Source: [NICO Club forums via Reddit]

  • Van_Sarockin

    Now, that is psychedelic! Someone needs to scan this and turn it into a vinyl wrap. A bit of tasteful spot color wouldn't be amiss, either.

    • It's not really my kind of thing, but she's an artist, whatever the canvas. Looking at the photos on the thread, she paid attention to meticulous details, and it's pretty cool the way it turned out.

  • $kaycog
  • RSDeuce

    I read the whole thread. Guy is in the military and lived in mainland Japan. His girlfriend did 100% of the sharpie work over a long period of time. Pretty cool pictures of the artwork developing.

    Chances are he will have to sell it when he leaves… Very unlikely that he will be able to bring it to the states I think.

    Part of the original thread: He got totally robbed (down to the walls) when he went on a short deployment to Okinawa. Shitty.

    • Sky_Render

      If you think it unlikely he can keep that car when he transfers back here, you haven't been on many military bases. Soldiers and Marines drive RHD JDM cars all the time over here.

      • RSDeuce

        That is true, but few of them are R33 Skylines. It is easy to get a JDM car that was also SD in the states imported. Not the same with JDM only machines.

        I don't know that it is impossible, but I spent two years in Japan and never saw a single guy manage to get it done. If it is possible, it is most likely out of the price range of a person on Active Duty.


    If you drive it over a bumpy road, does it shake all clear again like an Etch-A-Sketch?

  • Matt

    That "paint" scheme is very appropriate for that car. Kudos!

  • Scandinavian Flick

    I wish I had a girlfriend who did awesome shit like this!

    No sense being greedy, I guess…

  • MVEilenstein

    Just needs a clear wrap to preserve it. Amazing amount of effort that went into this.

  • Sjalabais

    I once asked my girlfriend if she could sew a new seat cover for the driver's seat in my long gone Volvo 145. No can do, cars are my hobby. I have to show her this thread. Print it out, lock her in a room, and see if this counts as a mind changer.

  • gearz1

    I can see the point,but we have nib this kind of thing in the bud,put a cap on it.