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Historic Sports Car Races: The In The Lot, or The Oops I Did It Again, Edition

LongRoofian November 12, 2012 All Things Hoon, Hooniverse Goes To... 11 Comments

A note of thanks to all of you Vets out there.

So this past weekend the Historic Sport Car series had their track days out at the Daytona International Speedway and this olelongrooffan attended, this time as a spectator.  I had emailed someone at HSR to see about getting me a temporary cube out there but never heard back. When I arrived at the first security building out there at Gate 40, Phil asked me “so, you back selling trailers again this weekend?” I replied in the affirmative and he waved me on through.  At the second check point, Kyle, who I had caught sleeping on a recent morning merely waved me on through.  The significance of this occurence? Unlike those previous track days this olelongrooffan attended out at my Speedway, this event required parting with thirty bucks to get in.  For most people anyway.

As I was passing through that big assed tunnel, I just started giggling and just couldn’t stop.  Almost the first car I spotted was this sweet AMX parked just at the end of the straight just after the west Horseshoe.  I knew that today was going to be a fun day.  I usually do an In The Lot series after the event but there were so many sweet rides there that day I had to include this one right up front.

Parked out in the grass was this old Benz in pristine condition. I continued to roll on under that Coke sign you see in the background between the driver’s campground and the Universal Horseshoe.  I pulled my olebeaterpickemup truck right past the “Media Parking” sign and pulled into that campground. Almost immediately, a security dude I didn’t know pulled up on one of those little scooters and told me I had to park out with the roughians out in the other side of that Coke sign.  I agreed and moved my little Indian out there.

Once this olelongrooffan had parked it, as an aside one nice thing about driving what I do is that it looks like a piece of junk that would not contain anything of value so I never lock it.  Anyway I spotted this pretty cool old Fiero which I am sure my fellow Hoons will appreciate. Yellow calipers and all.

Near it was this, I believe, first gen Viper.  I remember those cars when they first came out and put Chrysler back in the performance car business.  Credit Bob Lutz and Lee Iacocco for this beast.  I understand it will continue to be as Sergio Marcchione has given it his kiss of approval. There is an automotive god afterall.

On my way hoofing it back into the FanZone/garage area I spotted a M3 with the requisite Grassroots Motorsports sticker adorning its ass end.  

See that fenced in area in the background?  That is the race car driver’s campground this olelongrooffan had got run out of.  After I strolled down that road way to the garages area, I noticed that unlike the past track days I had attended, security dudes were set up at every gate. Once I realized that I was not going to get into the garage area without some assistance, I decided to head over to the security office and see what could be done about my predicament.  

I captured an image of this rare Pontiac Soltace in that campground prior to my getting evicted. Don’t tell Jen that I didn’t capture this entire fastback in this image. Okay?  

So anyway, I stuck my head around the corner into that security guy filled office of the HeadSecurityDude and got a warm reception.  “How come no trailer out here this weekend?”  I mentioned what had happened and the HeadSecurityDude commented that was too bad.  The scooter driving security dude was in that office and he told me that if I had told him that I knew all of these guys he would have let me stay parked in that campground. I mentioned this olelongrooffan is not a name dropper and then asked how can I gain admittance into the garage area to grab some images to blog about?  I was asked where my pass was.  “Pass?  I don’t have a pass, your guys just waved me on through, although I hesitate to mention that as I don’t want to get those guys in trouble.”  

The HeadSecurityDude laughed and said, “You got through two of them?”  I replied that I did mention I was going to sell some trailers.  He chuckled at that and then told the other 8 or 9 guys in his office, “Yeah, he’s the guy who caught Kyle sleeping a few weeks ago,” and that brought a hearty chuckle from every one of them. The guy who wouldn’t let me park my olebeaterpickemup truck by that Daytona Prototype garage a few weeks ago mentioned I could park in that campground if I would park so I blocked the asshole who parked all cattywompous compared to the other cars. “You do that and I’ll get you anywhere you want to go.” I mentioned that shit I’m already parked out there and he said “Come on” and we headed out to a quad runner and he drove me out to my ride and I proceeded to block that parking asshole in. The image taking denying security dude then gave me the password to get in the garage area this olelongrooffan will never forget.  Seriously my fellow Hoons, this olelongrooffan is not creative enough to make this shit up.

So as you can see by these images of this hot rod, this olelongrooffan was able to gain legal access to the garage area and that day I captured 217 images, most of which will be seen in the near future by my fellow Hoons, should you choose to make the jump.

See that father and son walking away in the above image?  I was standing there while dad told his son never to touch someone else’s car without their permission.  I related to him that my daughter who is now in college learned that same lesson at about his son’s age when attending a car show. I also related to him about the time TheSmartOne and her olelongrooffan father attended a new car show up in the greater D.C. area when she lived there. She was about ten at the time and this was her first car show where touching the car was actually encouraged. I was checking out a Jeep Grand Cherokee inflatable and she and I became separated.  I was in a fucking panic. Her mother is going to fucking kill me. Oh where are you my sweet daughter?  Suddenly I hear a “Dad! Dad! Dad!” I spin around and there she is standing on top of a conversion van waving at me.  Seriously, I can’t make this shit up.

After the day I had on Sunday, the sighting of this ended up being kind of anticlimatic.  But still it’s a Prancing Horse and still is worthy of Hoon inclusion when this Horse is out in the wild.  

So after gathering up this image, this olelongrooffan decided to move from the blue garage area, before I got to know the security dudes I always called this the Nationwide garage area, to the yellow garage area, formerly known to me as the Sprint Cup garages.

As I was heading over there, I spotted the HeadSecurityDude getting something out of his truck in that hallowed campground.  I approached him and once again told him that I’m not a name dropper and when that scooter driver told me to move that is just what I did. He countered with, “We appreciate that and you are welcome around here anytime.” An acronym isn’t enough here.  For The Mother Fucking Win!

So I introduced myself to the security guy at the yellow garage gate who has the same name this olelongrooffan was christened with and the HeadSecurityDude pulls up in his cool quad he gets to drive around and mentions to the security dude that this olelongrooffan can come and go as he pleases. I think I have died and gone to heaven.

I apologize for the grainy image my elcheapoebayacquired image taker gathered of this 1979 Mazda 323 but I had to include it. Its owner was leaning against the roof of it enjoying an early morning cup of java.

After gathering that image, I strolled around to the ass end of it to capture another one of this 197,000 mile bearing sedan.  I mentioned to the owner that “I must be a real car nerd to be taking pictures of this as opposed to the other stuff out here today.”  He laughed and said, “this car has been pretty good to me since the day I drove it off the lot new.”  Hell yeah.

And over by the trackside garages this olelongrooffan spotted something definitely on my dream car list and I would suspect on many of my fellow Hoon’s list as well.

Stay tuned.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan


  • Van_Sarockin

    Way to go Roofie! You must be living right. I'm sure the keys to the kingdom will be safe in your hands. Sounds like they'll never pry you out of the paddock.

  • Tom Lee

    Way to go, remember you can sometimes get anywhere if you act like you belong there.
    Can't wait for the rest of the pics………….

  • Byron Powers

    yeah, those yellow garages are where AHRMA pits. The guard for that compound drives a red corvette. I know who nto talk to because I have to ride my bannana bike, Roffie knows why i call it that, to collect the hand scoring from officals at the start finish line. So I get to ride thru the tri oval grass in fron of pit road several times during AHRMA weekend. Byron

    • sweet..i gotta get out to a bike event sometime.

  • LR – Spotting a 512 BB is never anticlimactic.

    • Alff…wait until you see what this olelongrooffan saw on Sunday…

      • Did you catch the asking price on that M3? I love the idea, but not at the prices they fetch these days. I could accomplish my goals equally as well with a 2002 tii, preferably in Doublemint Tan.

  • There's nothing like insider info. Good on you, OLRF, for getting in there for your loyal readers. You should give all your security buddies a Hooniverse sticker or T shirt for their being so cool.

  • kingcrowing

    At least you got the sign in focus this time lol

    But seriously, lots of cool cars in this post. That E30 M3 is awesome, makes me miss my E36 M3.

    I wish there were more of those Solstice fastbacks, the closest other car we've got is a BRZ or Miata+hard top, both of which are cool but I feel like the fastback version could have done really well if they actually marketed it.

    • Giving you a thumbs up on this one..

      The reason I snagged this image is that girl having her image gathered in front of that billboard had a long sleeve sweatshirt on all the time they were walking around in front of me but when she got to that "World Center of Racing" billboard, she whipped it off so her friend could capture one of her in semi revealing tank top…

      I thought that was rather amusing..

      But if it was a fuzzy image my elcheapoebayacquired image taker took that day, other than myself, no one would ever have seen it.

      Thanks for hanging around and surviving that whole maelstrom created by that fuzzy image. Hooniverse is a fun place. Stick around and check out the Forum.

  • danleym

    Nice AMX! 5 years ago I would have probably known whose car that was, when I lived down there I was pretty familiar with most of the AMCs in northeast Florida, but I've been away a while and I imagine there have been some new cars and new faces that have shown up. I don't recognize that one. Drove past a nice Gremlin yesterday, and though I know a lot of the guys in the local AMC club and would recognize a lot of their cars, this was a new one, too. Always an exciting occurrence, but unfortunately I was sitting waiting to make a left turn as the Gremlin drove by, and by the time the light changed he was long gone and I had no chance to track him down.