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The News for November 9th, 2012

Greg Kachadurian November 9, 2012 The News! 11 Comments

Welcome to the Hooniverse News! This is a weekly recap of the biggest news in the automotive industry without the fluff or the bull. Just all the facts and a little opinion of mine, just because I can. This week:

  • The 622-hp SLS AMG Black Series is here

  • Maserati shows off the new Quattroporte early

  • The 2013 Boss 302 Mustang will likely be the last

  • Suzuki will no longer sell cars in the U.S.

  • BMW gives us a sneak peak of the M6 Gran Coupe


Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series

The SLS AMG is one of the most radical and powerful cars in Mercedes-Benz history, and it just got a bit more radical today as the new 2014 SLS AMG Black Series finally shows its face to the world. Sporting new high-performance mechanical and aerodynamic bits, the SLS AMG Black Series is the fifth new addition to the limited production Black Series line.

Beginning with what’s under the hood, the 6.2-liter V8 from the standard SLS now produces an astonishing 622 horsepower and 468 lb.-ft. of torque. It also sings through new titanium sport exhaust. Power is still sent to the rear wheels through a 7-speed AMG Speedshift dual clutch transmission, but it now shifts quicker, has a faster response time, and is mounted .4 inches lower to reduce the center of gravity. With all that working in harmony, 0-60 mph comes in just 3.5 seconds and the top speed is rated at 196 mph. Other mechanical goodies include an electronic diff lock, AMG adaptive performance suspension enhanced for track performance, and high-performance ceramic brakes. The advanced stability control is further enhanced to help ensure the driver lives while still being able to push the car to its limits. 

The “enhanced” exterior features plenty of carbon fiber bodywork which was inspired by the SLS AMG GT3 race car. This car has no shortage of carbon fiber splitters, spoilers, winglets, diffusers, and inserts which all help keep the car firmly planted at high speeds. More carbon fiber is in use in other less-visible parts of the car which help contribute to a 154-lb weight loss. 19″ front and 20″ rear alloy wheels are wrapped with Michelin Cup Sport 2 tires, which ought to help the car find even more grip.

The 2014 SLS AMG Black Series is scheduled to launch in June of 2013 for an undisclosed price. Just to give you an idea of the price, the standard SLS AMG Coupe starts just shy of $190,000.

Source: Mercedes-Benz

2013 Maserati Quattroporte 

Maserati’s redesigned Quattroporte got to show its face a few months early this week. It wasn’t supposed to make its appearance until Detroit’s North American International Auto Show in January of 2013, but Maserati was kind enough to give us a glimpse as to what is in store – minus a few specifics like every technical detail about the car ever.

They did happen to talk about the new looks though, citing classic Maserati styling cues – including a few from the outgoing outgoing model – thrown into one contemporary design language.  In the words of Maserati, “the new Quattroporte has a design that is at once graceful and sinuous, fashioned to bring out the sporty nature of the car”. Sounds good to me. It’s also “more generous” in space compared to the outgoing model even though it may be a bit hard to tell from the photos. 

Maserati also talked about ambitious new production figures they hope to achieve by 2015, that being 50,000 units built (and preferably sold) each year starting with the 2013 Quattroporte. As Autoweek reports, that’s significantly more than the some 10,000 units a year they currently produce. 

Source: Maserati via Autoweek

The Boss 302 is no more

According to official order guides sent to Ford dealerships, the mighty Boss 302 will no longer be offered starting with the 2014 model year, thus limiting the triumphant return of the Boss to just two years. Decades from now when you see a 2013 Boss 302 going for a ridiculous amount of money, this is probably why. No word on when – or if – it will be back.

The rest of the order guide also revealed some minor changes and new additions to the 2014 Mustang lineup, all of which can be seen over at Mustangs Daily who initially posted the guide. Essentially, buyers will have two new paint choices at the expense of three others, new appearance packages replacing old ones, and heated seats on the GT500. The 2014 Mustang will also be the last of this generation of the Mustang with a totally new design coming early 2014 as a 2015 model. Word is independent rear suspension and a turbocharged four-cylinder are in the works. 

Source: Mustangs Daily via Autoweek

Suzuki files for bankruptcy, will discontinue auto sales in U.S.

This week American Suzuki Motor Corporation (ASMC) filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy and announced plans to restructure itself to focus on motorcycle, marine, and ATV sales. Its parent company, Suzuki Motor Corporation, is not filing for bankruptcy as well.

ASMC cites low sales volume, relatively few offerings, unfavorable exchange rates, and the high cost of growing and maintaining their distribution system as contributing factors to their painful decision. Existing dealerships will make the transition to service and parts to honor all existing customer warranties and servicing needs. Suzuki still plans to market and sell its current inventory, so if you ever wanted a new Suzuki (would you?), you’ll have one last chance to be apart of Suzuki’s history in the Americas which our own Jim Brennan will highlight with his weekend theme.

Source: American Suzuki Motor Corporation

BMW previews the 2014 M6 Gran Coupe

BMW was at the Nürburgring to show off the all-new M6 Gran Coupe (literally a 4-door M6) at a super special premier event. Photos from the event were inevitably leaked, so BMW M decided to upload some dark teaser shots of their own. The full car and all its technical specs will be revealed sometime in December, but it’s more than safe to assume the car will use the same drivetrain as the M6 it’s based on. That means it’ll be a 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged V8 producing nearly 560 horsepower sending power to the rear wheels through a 7-speed M dual clutch transmission. 

When more info is available I’ll be sure to cover it here. More detail shots of the M6 Gran Coupe can be found at M-Power.com.

Source: BMW M