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Robert Emslie November 9, 2012 Mystery Car 16 Comments

A funny thing happened last week- the Mystery Car remained a mystery even to me. Four-door Ford aficionado, LTDSCott nailed the answer right off the vampire bat, but as I had erroneously committed to memory the answer being an earlier model, I denied him immediate satisfaction. Oh well, it all got sorted out in the end, and everyone went away with some nice parting gifts.

That won’t happen this week because I’ve written the answer down – right here on this old candy wrapper leftover from Halloween. It’s totally legible too, despite the smudges of caramel. Dang, what are those, ants? Anyway, professionalism has returned, and we won’t have another escapade like last week again.

And just so we’re all comme il faut, the rules once again are to name the makemodel, likely engine,  and probable model year.  And this week, I promise that I’ll remember the answer – damn, where’d that candy wrapper go?

Image: [©2012 Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved]


  • Lynn C.

    E-type lightweight, as in the Jagar factory racers. Rare cats.

    • kyle_a_m
      • Lynn C.

        Sorry, would have been quicker but I'm at work and am surreptitiously peeping at Hooniverse. Still, that is a very distinctive vent.

      • Van_Sarockin

        Ooh! Ventilated for your comfort.

    • I really need to dig through my old pictures (prints). I think I have a photo of one of those upside down between turns 6 and 7 ant Road Atlanta at a vintage race in the early 1990s. I remember at the time somebody mentioning it was a very special E-type, this was before I was aware of the lightweights.

    • fede6882

      I blame it on intense debate (or my crappy phone), but i didn't see your answer before i posted mine, sorry!

  • fede6882

    Jaguar e type lightweight, from the early 60s, xk straight 6.
    That's the trunk, i think it's a vent

  • Well done folks. I thought I could fool you by trying to disguise the boot as the bonnet, but I was wrong. This is one of 12 factory racers originally built. There are others out there that are homages so when buying one, be sure to check it's authenticity!

    • $kaycog

      You did fool me. I've been looking at hoods. I have a headache.

      • SSurfer321

        While hoods and headlights are great, we all know Mr. Emslie is a junk-in-the-trunk man.

    • kyle_a_m

      Something about that (rightly) screamed rear end to me, but I was off in the weeds of Abarth-land. Some pretty cars, but engine in the wrong end.

      Well…maybe not pretty, exactly…
      <img src="http://www.dastuningblog.de/wp-content/uploads/2009/09/abarth-tonylanciabeta.jpg"&gt;

      • Why am I hearing Sir Mixalot in my head?

  • boostedlegowgn

    Speed-holes, old bean.

    • Alcology

      That's what I keep saying about my underwear

  • detroitmuscle

    Did anyone guess the right answer to the September 28 Mystery Car? The red louvers.