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From Autoweek: Blake Z. Rong makes his mark with his Miata

Jeff Glucker November 9, 2012 All Things Hoon, Friends of Hooniverse 20 Comments

I feel like Dr. Henry Killinger from The Venture Bros. During the episode when he tries to transform Dr. Venture into a villain, Killinger sits back and remarks that he feels like a proud papa. Of course, Thaddeus Venture doesn’t want to be a villain, so he turns away from Killinger to stay on the course of becoming who he thinks he’s supposed to be. Hooniverse’s own Blake Z. Rong was once on the path to becoming a reverse hero here on our virtual slice of the internet. He, instead, chose to rise up and become a productive member of the mainstream automotive media… and we couldn’t be more proud of him.

Mr. Rong (that’s what I’m required to call him now) is in a new position as West Coast Editor Associate Editor of Autoweek. You read that right, he’s holding down the left side for the man Churning out news and stories about the day-to-day in the industry. In one of his latest pieces, Blake discusses how he came to be a Mazda Miata owner, and why he loves his car.

I feel like a proud papa, even though Hooniverse didn’t really have anything to do with his ascension. He’s a great writer, and people took notice.

He’s still a terrible driver though…

Go read about his Miata at Autoweek.

  • Dean Bigglesworth

    This is just Rong on so many levels.

    • njhoon

      It's not Rong, is just write.

    • SSurfer321

      If Blake is Rong, I don't want to be right.

  • B72

    The new steering wheel gets rid of the slash on the driver's airbag cover by getting rid of the driver's airbag.

    Did the slash on the passenger side get similarly addressed?

    • Deartháir

      Yes, he put another wooden steering wheel on the passenger side.

  • [youtube zoT0AGUjpAg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoT0AGUjpAg youtube]

    Just in case he ever needs to get rid of the Miata, I recommend he give the Tiburon a chance.

  • Rory Carroll

    Hooniverse had everything to do with us hiring Blake. We heard about him here first.

    • pj134

      Dear sirs,

      I am writing this inquiry to discover why as of yet no requests of a journalistic nature have been received by one Mr. Harrell? The man has won at the Concours d'Lemons as well as an Index of Effluency. I see from your biography that you have only achieved half of that. This man is all that a hoon could desire to be (so long as they set their goals slightly above average). Who would aspire to collect cars that most likely will not run in the morning and if they do run there is a chance that they use rocks as a part of their powertrain.

      Clearly he is the most interesting uninteresting person around! Please remedy post-haste.



      • Rory Carroll

        I'll look into it.

    • Deartháir

      Apparently I've applied to the wrong magazines! The rest of them have all said, "Hooni-what-now?"

      • Dean Bigglesworth

        Scientific observation of earlier stages in the development of the Hooniverse, which can be seen at great distances, suggests that the Hooniverse has been governed by the same physical laws and constants throughout most of its extent and history. The Hooniverse is believed to be at least 10 billion light years in diameter and has existed for about 13.7 billion years.

  • But are THEY going to let him do stories about robo-pizza? I think not.

  • gearz1

    The passionate pursuit of awesome is where I discovered the Hooniverse .The guy is prolific.

  • JBsC6

    Good storyline….cool ride.