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Truck Thursday: Who wants to own an off-road icon’s Baja machine?

Jeff Glucker November 8, 2012 For Sale, Hooniverse Truck Thursday 28 Comments

Race cars with history are always a cool site. It’s even cooler when they’re offered for sale, even if they are typically priced far out of reach of the average mortal. The vehicle above, a Toyota PPI Trophy Truck, is no exception, but it is somewhat more realistic than your standard “this was driven by Phil Hill/Bob Bondurant/insert amazing bastard here” machine. What we have instead is a truck that was driven in the Baja 1000 by Ivan Stewart and Larry Roesler, and it can be yours for a few green backs under $400,000.

Now, that’s a princely sum of money, and we don’t really agree with the seller that we’re looking at “the most significant truck in off-road racing history”. Still, this was driven by a legend and it’s a pretty amazing machine regardless of who helmed it.

What say you, Hooniverse commentariat, is the Buy-It-Now justified?

[Source: eBay Motors]

  • You know what Toyota I would buy for that amount, with 50 grand left over?

    <img src="http://drewphillipsphotography.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/lexus-lfa.jpg&quot; width=550>

    img src: Drew Phillips (such a great car photog) <a href="http://drewphillipsphotography.com/blog/tag/lexus-lfa/” target=”_blank”>http://drewphillipsphotography.com/blog/tag/lexus-lfa/

  • If this olelongrooffan were to purchase an iconic race truck, I purchase one based off a real truck.

    <img src="http://farm9.staticflickr.com/8068/8167637812_6b659696a5.jpg&quot; width="500" height="331" alt="oly">

  • danleym

    Who wants to own one? I think a better question is, who wants to and can afford to own one? The answer to the first one I'm sure is just about everyone on this site, for the second, I'm pretty sure no one on this site.

    It's a ton of money, but from what I've seen top level race vehicles go for, especially those with some provenance, it doesn't surprise me.

    • Our demographic (per Google and Quantcast) actually skews surprisingly high for income… it's weird.
      Maybe not $400k for a trophy truck high, but higher than I expected.

      • danleym

        I'll chalk that up to a lot of the people who are on here a lot are working jobs that keep them on a computer and are technical or specialized in nature. That said, I had no idea Google would give you an estimate of your demographic's income. Kind of creepy (on Google's part), in a way, though I get it for advertising purposes. I wonder what all data they put together to get their numbers.

        • The demo stuff is more quantcast really, Google is more about numbers, where those numbers come from, what pages they look at, and what type of device and browser is being used.

          You can look up a site on Quantcast if they are a part of the network, it's public info

          Their traffic numbers are a bit low though based on what Google shows (which is what we go by)

          • danleym

            Interesting site. I'd never heard of it before.

          • skitter

            Their traffic numbers also show that the "addicts" making up the commentariat represent only 10% of the pageviews. An 'addict' visits the site once per day. I'm not denying that, I'm saying it's a low threshold, and if their numbers are accurate, the overall statistics might as well have nothing to do with the hoons we know and love.

            • danleym

              Good point. They did say 2000+ different people visit each day. Far less than that make up the regular commenters.

      • pj134

        You should let us all know what google says about us in a post some time.

        • That you all live in your cars, use Netscape to view the site, and visit porn sites before, during, and after your time at Hooniverse

          • danleym

            Lies! Quantcast didn't even list porn as one of the other interests! Which I'm going to take to mean that the entire readership here are completely morally upright and have never looked at porn in their life.

            That, or Quantcast chooses not to display those statistics. Yeah, now that I'm thinking about it, that's much more likely.

          • Alcology

            Are you hiding in the bushes again? I thought I told you to lube your bearings someplace else pal.

          • Sounds legit.

        • I'm not sure I want to know

      • I'm actually viewing this site through my monocle while wearing my top hat.

        (Scroll, Jeeves.)

        • Van_Sarockin

          Piffle! I have people who have people who clean my top hat.

  • dtargo

    Does that include the TRD shop, haulers, pre runners, mechanics and drivers? Still too much!

  • Manic_King

    Do they sell Paris-Dakar winning cars and for what price? Here's second place car for sale: http://www.classiccarsforsale.co.uk/classic-car-p

  • SSurfer321

    Maybe if it was the truck he ran the Baja 1000 solo in, unrestored, they could ask that kind of coin.

  • Please give me more information on turning a race car into a cool web presence or building location.

    • A bunch of spiders are living in my LeMons car, so I suppose it's already both as far as they're concerned.