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The Best or France and Italy Show – Frogs and Hand Gestures Rule The Day

Robert Emslie November 8, 2012 All Things Hoon, Car Shows 9 Comments

Bucolic Woodley Park in Van Nuys CA hosted the annual Best of France and Italy car show this past Sunday, and while escargot-topped Neapolitan pizza was nowhere to be found, a plethora of totally amazing cars were on hand. Unlike last year when the threat of rain kept many  Franco- and Italophile car owners home for fear of not having a ride home due to rust, this year’s show took place under spectacular blue skies and temperatures in the mid 80s. 

That kind of stereotypical Southern California weather brought the cars out of the woodwork, even though, unlike their English compatriots, few of those on display sported any wood of their own. Everything from the original Fiat 500 to the mighty, mighty Lamborghini Countach was on display – hundreds of French and Italian cars in all – and a few surprises as well. Click through the jump for a slide show of some of the highlights, it’ll be just like being there.


All Images ©2012 Robert Emslie, All Rights Reserved

  • No Cizeta V16, no care 🙂

    Did Jay Leno show up this year?

    • Not here, but the Cizeta usually shows up for the Rodeo Drive show every Fathers Day. I've seen it there – a red one – a couple years running. I also did not see Jay at Woodley Park, but that's not to say he didn't whirl in and then out as is his fashion. It was monster crowded on Sunday.

      • SVT2888

        That car is loooooooong gone from the U.S. The owner of the car was also the owner of Cizeta. Turns out he was hiding out in the U.S. from a lot of investors he had scammed. Plus he also illegally imported the Cizeta. He only had a temporary permit to bring it in when he did back in 2001 or so. He also undervalued the car greatly when it was imported. They got him on tax evasion as well as a bunch of other things. But the main thing was the tax evasion, you don't mess with the government and it's taxes!

  • Cool and relatively rare cars…looks like a blast….can't wait for the Winter Park Concours come Sunday!

  • wisc47

    Loved the shot of all the Fiat Spiders. Maybe some day I'll get mine out of the cold, dank, wasteland that is Wisconsin during the winter, and over to California where she (her name is Felicity) belongs.

  • Jay

    That Fiat 130 is my fave by far. There must be, literally, several of them in North America.

    • Rover1

      I think that that's a 125. But you're right, 130s are rare. One for sale on Trademe.co.nz here in NZ, very cheap,but of course very rusty. (My Lancia Gamma Coupe even has rust in it's rubber bumpers) Viva Italia!

      • Ate Up With Motor

        Yes, it's a Fiat 125 sedan. (I talked to the owner.) It was originally a German car.

  • jeepjeff

    The Hudson Italia is my favorite.