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On The Road With This olelongrooffan: A Drive Down Memory Lane

LongRoofian November 8, 2012 All Things Hoon 28 Comments

So if my fellow Hoons remember, this olelongrooffan took a road trip a whiles back that will live in my memory until the day I find a spot down by the Lethe River. When I left off the last time, I had spent an extremely enjoyable weekend down at a couple of lakes with Bus Plunge and some of my kinfolk plus I got to see some pretty cool old cars and stuff.  When I left those lake cabins, I took the Waldo the Bus Plunge provided to me for that weekend and headed out to thehorsefarmer’s version of Haven Lee Farm to gather up some stuff to drop off at some of my siblings homes on the way back to my Taj Mahal.  On the way there, this olelongrooffan was able to see a bunch of more cool stuff.  My fellow Hoons can see them also should you choose to make the jump along with me.

It was somewhere around Laramie, Wyoming  (trust this olelongrooffan my fellow Hoons, click on that struck through link, thanks to Brendan and this one thanks to Mr. Skroggs and thanks to Mark J. McCourt over at Hemmings for sharing it with us)  Sparta, Missouri as I was cruising along County Highway 14 that I spotted this yard that was rich with a bunch of Blue Oval products.  It seems to me that back when this olelongrooffan was a youngster, that Ford F650 wrecker was available as a pressed steel Tootsietoy.  Whether or not, that damn old truck is sure a sweetie on my short list.  And while I didn’t determine what the actual purpose of this yard was, they did have some cool old Ford products.  I mean that cool old wrecker and an underthecovers Ranchero.  What’s not to like?

So, after seeing that marvelous sight along that rural roadway, this olelongrooffan made my way into Sparta, yeah sorry about that mixed possession verbage….but hey, that’s just the kind of guy I am….anyway…I spotted this ole INTERNATIONAL that I thought was pretty damn cool.

The fact it was a former work truck for the Ozark Electric Co. is even cooler.  And a three digit phone number…man that brings back a memory or two. When my Dad moved all of us city kids to Haven Lee Farm back in the early 70’s, we had ring down telephones.  Our phone number was Halltown 107.   When my grandmothers, Moo or Granny, up in the city with the arch used to call us they would have to tell the operator to connect to the Springfield operator and then that operator would hook us up.  thejeepjunkie has a console model of one of our old ring down phones on a table in his entry foyer. When my older brother, BBB, moved a mobile home onto the farm after returning from Vietnam, he got a phone and the telephone company put us on a party line.  If one of the households were on the phone, the other had to wait until that call was completed to use the phone. Seriously, I can’t make this shit up.

This olelongrooffan was nearly to Haven Lee Farm when out of the corner of my eye I spotted this old Mark III.  Incidentally when I was a young Hoon about 20, I dated a 40 year old divorcee who drove a white one just like this.  Yeah a Cougar before they were fashionable.  But anyway, once I saw this locale, I knew I had to stop and capture some images of it for my fellow Hoons.

Yeah, this old place alongside Old Route 66 sure had some cool old cars and trucks around including that old Studebaker farm truck.

As well as this new wave two-tone Packard Clipper from the mid 50’s.

Excuse this olelongrooffan, that should new wave three-tone paint scheme.  And yes, that is my blue Waldo for the weekend in the background.

That place, just a few miles from Haven Lee Farm, also had a pair of late 40’s or early 50’s Dodge products for contrast and comparison.

And I can assure you that regardless of its name, “The Charles Barrett Special” is not going to be painted the same color as its older sibling shown above.  Wish I had the top though.

This huge assed 55 Cadillac sure took a hit on that rear door.  Incidentally, when the Professional Cars were in town a whiles back, one of our trailer buyers who owns a 55 Cadillac Hearse came in to buy a spare tire.  He showed JeffTheBoss a picture of it and JeffTheBoss didn’t know what it was. I stepped out of my cube and identified it immediately.  JeffTheBoss as well as its owner were flabbergasted I knew what it was.  Guess they aren’t Hoons.

Just beyond this scary looking statue, is that a beaver or a squirrel, was a cool old converted to a camper bus and an even cooler teardrop trailer.

This old truck and trailer were parked across old Route 66 from that establishment.  No idea what it was as this is as close as I got to it.

This place has the same wall art as my Taj Mahal except the states are different and my wheel covers are from both Mercs, Mercedes and Mercury, as well as VDub, Corvette and BMW.

Sadly, I don’t have an old PBR sign or a vintage Coke cooler adorning my place.  But if this olelongrooffan did, that Coke cooler would be just as rusty.

I soon took my leave of this establishment and high tailed it over to Haven Lee Farm.

Immediately after I arrived, thebarngoddess and thehorsefarmer had to escort me out to see the now completed Coupe we had worked on during my previous visit.

And I got introduced to all the chicks that were hanging around.

As this is a working farm, after lunch there were chores to be done.  That’s thehorsefarmer on his tractor tilling up some more land for the expansion of their garden.

And that’s thebarngoddess slinging some shit around to fertilize that soil for proper crop growth.  I commented that I had slung enough shit in my youth out on our farm and I wasn’t going to help her.  She laughed and said “I don’t blame you.”

After I got all the crap I needed to gather together for distribution later during this On The Road trip, we sat around their big assed garage and later said our goodbyes.

As I was heading back to the Queen City of the Ozarks for possibly the last time, I decided to do a little sightseeing along the way.  I headed over to near Halltown to check out the area around the original Haven Lee Farm.  On the way there, I stopped to gather this image of Britain Mill.  When we first moved out to that farm this place was in a shambles.  A year or so later, Mr. Cameron, who taught down at School of The Ozarks, brought a bunch of students up and they rebuilt this structure into an operable mill.

This was the old chicken coop next to Mr. Britain’s original home. When I was about 14 years old, I helped Mr. Britain and an old farmer, Noel Vass, who drove a sweet 72 C-10 shortbed stepside that I loved, anyway, I helped them butcher my first hog.  That, my fellow Hoons, was a real experience every moment of which this olelongrooffan remembers nearly 40 years later.

This structure is Mr. Britain’s old barn.  In my youth I painted this barn a deep shade of red three different times over the years.  Yeah, that’s what farm folk did back then.  Need some help? I got your back.  Of course it was at the insistence of TheGentleManFarmer that I did so.

So this olelongrooffan decided it was about high time I got Bus Plunge’s Waldo back to him and I headed over to Old Route 66 to check out some sights located just off Interstate 44.

As you can see, this particular section of that iconic roadway doesn’t capture much attention from the Department of Transportation maintenance staff these days.  Just to the left of this bridge, back in the day, a bunch of older high school boys dynamited a huge swimming hole in Turnback Creek and it was a popular summertime location for years.

Up in Paris Springs Junction, there was this cool assed old stone garage.  When I lived out there Rocky Hitchcock’s Dad worked there and, man, he could, and did, fix anything with a motor.

This old gas station is actually a replica that some guy built around 1995.  The old stone barn barely visible to the right is the original barn for the farm he built this gas station on.  Our fellow Hoon, MVEilenstein, visited this same area this past fall and got an opportunity to speak with the owner.

This old log cabin was once Log Cabin gas station owned by Dot and Glenn Mason.  Dot was a grandmotherly type woman who kept a hand written tab of all the gas my family bought and Dad would stop by and pay the astronomical bill of, say, $49.00 each month.  I got one of those receipts, gas was 39 cents per gallon at the time.  Dad would still bitch about it.  Glenn drove a Ranchero and I spent many an afternoon hacking away at thistle bushes in his fields.  Ah the memories this trip is bringing up.

So this olelongrooffan got on into Halltown and stopped to gather some fire truck images for thehorsefarmer who was a volunteer fireman back in the day.  And also because Cabover.

Also because it is Unit 1 and I remember seeing it parked inside that newly built fire station back in 1974.

And who doesn’t like a shorty van?

A school buddy of mine owned this building back in the day.  They ran a general store out of it and it also contained the Post Office.  I still remember our post office box number.  You could buy anything from a loaf of bread to a hundred pound bag of horse feed at that store. Most of Halltown is now comprised of old buildings and most of them are housing antique shops.

So I spotted this big assed buffalo outside a BBQ joint upon my return to the Queen City of The Ozarks.  Little did this olelongrooffan know that the sight of odd large animal statues did not end this day.

Tomorrow is the day this olelongrooffan begins my journey back to my Taj Mahal down there in the Sunshine State.  When I took off that day, this was one of the first sights I saw.

But that is another post.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longrooffan

  • failboat

    ahh good ole story time with ole longroofian. always a pleasure.

    <img src="http://img31.imageshack.us/img31/7383/longroofianstorytime.jpg"&gt;

    (eh quick chop, some of the enthralled audience is missing faces. sorry about that. people without faces like stories too)

    • aastrovan

      Gather round kiddys and you will hear, a story I heard from Cpt.Severe……..
      (to be continued)

    • racer139

      The kid (third from the left) is missing a head altogether. It must be in the clouds, daydreaming of simpler times as ol longroof takes em back in time.

    • LMAO

  • One word: Americana.

  • MVEilenstein

    Heck, I was just there in September! These are some great pictures. I even drove across that old bridge – it's as rickety as it looks.

    This is a great post. Keep them coming. That OEC truck needs to be parked on the square in Mt. Vernon!

    • papamarc

      Or at Casa De PapaMarc

      • MVEilenstein

        Sitting on some gravel.

  • Makes me want to do a Route 66 roadtrip even worse.

  • aastrovan

    Cool post lots of good old stuff. That old stuff holds up nice in the south.Up north here the body will be gone, and the interior still decent.
    Plus a Cougar with a Boy Toy in a Mark III.

  • sj027

    As usual, I love seeing the 417 represented on Hooniverse…I try and take the 66 Scenic Way from Springfield to Carthage then to Joplin if I have the time, it's way more interesting than the interstate. I always pass that general store in Halltown and cringe at the corrugated steel covering half of the front, wish they would bring it back to its former glory.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Wonderful way to get a feel for the place, your trip, and all that great old iron. It's a good road you travel, Roofie!

  • Love it. I have family-in-law in Springfield. Visits there always seem to be in-and-out affairs, but these travelogues make me want to explore the area some more.

    • MVEilenstein

      You really are missing out on some great scenery. Take 66 out of Springfield in either direction and you're almost in the other era. People around there tend to hang on to their vehicles long after they've quit running. That's not a bad thing, either.

      • sj027

        So true…The Ozarks are great for old car sightings, you can't drive far into the country without seeing some good 'yard art' as I call the old American iron.

  • Slow_Joe_Crow

    Regarding the F650 tow truck at the top of the article,I don't know if about the tinplate version either, but I own a Matchbox example from circa 1970.
    I lived in Joplin for a while around 1994 and mostly I don't miss it except for the interesting old cars.

    • I actually first typed in Matchbox but upon further reflection I wasn't sure if it was. Damn second guessing.

  • Tom Lee

    Great post, enjoyed it again.
    Of course I sure don't miss all that farming……..
    specially with the cold weather coming…..
    heck it was 45 here in the Nations oldest city this morning, was looking for my carharts.
    I'll get those pics of the 48,51 and 52 fords to you soon

    • MVEilenstein

      We'll need a whole post for those.

  • Bus Plunge

    LongRoofFan— enjoyed our visit today. I did notice that you omitted any photos of the original Haven Lee Farm. Sooo…..

    <img src="http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_zCnDCJkPVTc/SzfpA8zQwBI/AAAAAAAAJXc/hWi9mSzdwls/s400/6.jpg"&gt;

    • MVEilenstein

      Unibody! Please tell me you still have that F-100.

  • OttoNobeddah

    Thanks for the trip! That Shorty Checvy looks like a Shrine or sumthin, the way its all neatly mowed around it…

  • This olelongrooffan just wants to let my fellow Hoons know that I am grateful for the positive responses. Thanks.

  • OLRF, John, you rock. You represent the Hooniverse ideology at its best.

  • Felis_Concolor

    There is something tranquil – almost joyous – in seeing old buildings sinking into the earth from which their materials were first wrested. On the direct route from my home to Bishop Castle in the south, you pass by several old barns and sheds being reclaimed by nature in a similar fashion. I have not made that trip in winter yet although it would be worth the time simply to contrast the appearance during spring and summer.

    I'm definitely a bit of an old building freak; my first thoughts upon seeing one particular photograph was "nice aisle and bay divided barn there."

  • 68monk

    This post almost makes me like Missouri again. And that's somethin.

  • Lil Jim

    That Halltown Chevy van now resides on Jefferson north of Sunshine, still red and white but you can see where the Halltown markings are removed

    • Lil Jim….grab an image of it and get the backstory…whoever owns it will likely share it…It would be a great addition here…