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Wagon Wednesday – 1962 Citroën 2CV Utility

Here’s a deep green 2CV wagon I photographed a little while ago, when the grass was green and no snow was present. It’s one of the older cars I’ve shot around town, and I would make a wild guess it’s been restored to full health at some point. A 2CV utility – codename AZU to be precise – isn’t a car that’s going to spend all of its 50 years pampered, so it’s more than likely it’s seen rougher times. But right now, it looks especially good. Take a look.

Make no mistake, it’s a pretty little thing. It would look great delivering coffee beans around town, for example. The paint does look quite fresh on it, and especially the wheels look like they haven’t seen much use in their current white.

This pretty much exact same shade of green, incidentally, was also available for the PSA mother company’s Peugeot 306 and 406 up until 2000-something. On them, it looked horrible, making them look like the car of a geography teacher somehow duped into buying a brand new and horribly unreliable Peugeot appliance for no justifiable reason. Those Peugeots, being some of the last true and un-derpy, un-ballooned Peugeots, still deserved proper metallic paint colours in tasteful red wine shades and not the forest green seen here. On the 2CV’s flanks, however, it’s a perfect match.

The CSS plates look straight enough to be freshly-stamped, too; new plates are nine euro apiece, btw. Ordering custom ones comes about a thousand euro dearer.

And that back would accommodate many a coffee bean sack. The corrugated steel surfaces must’ve added a ton of rigidity to the otherwise flimsy sheetmetal, am I right? This is where I make the connection with the registration plates – the car must feature cascading style sheetmetal.

Just look at the thin, simple, white steering wheel and the… dials? Can I even speak in plural of the instrumentation?

The engine in this one is the 425cc, 12-hp engine. Were it a year later, the power would’ve been bumped to 18 whole horsepower.

The yellow auxiliary lights on the unbumped bumper finish off the French touch. And, note: the mirrors need to have been extended from their usual length and fitted on the wings, since you couldn’t see anything past the steel outhouse mounted on the back, were they regular ones still mounted on the doors.

Isn’t the Deux Chevaux AZU just wonky enough to be perfect?

[Images: Copyright 2012 Hooniverse/Antti Kautonen]

  • Devin

    I love how, when Citroen engineers were told to make a van, they glued a 2CV to a garden shed.

  • owl

    Finnish 2CV Club is one of the biggest – they must get used occasionally…which is good

  • Preludacris

    "Cascading Style Sheetmetal"

  • Riduclous

    Only in France

  • gomerpig

    This is why I love this website. My thirst for the unique and extraordinary is quenched!

  • joshuman

    I want it. The color is perfect. Too bad I don't have a gluten-free bakery with a very successful catering delivery route to fund the thing.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Must be a late model. The bumpers look awfully overly elaborate and substantial. Flimsy sheetmetal? Piffle! From inside the gargo area, you can hardly read a newspaper held up outside.