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Trailer: Snake&Mongoose … the movie! It’s happening!

Jeff Glucker November 7, 2012 Hoon Hall of Fame, Hoonivercinema 13 Comments

Don “The Snake” Prudhomme and Tom “The Mongoose” McEwen are legendary men… there’s no disputing that fact. The two became rivals during the glory days of the NHRA, while also helping move a few more units at the Hot Wheels toy display. It was through McEwen’s brilliant marketing that the two were able to secure the fastest cars thanks to the dollars that came rolling in. These two men paved the way for today’s quarter mile heroes, and they did do in machines that are slower yet far more terrifying than the land rockets of today.

It appears that Hollywood has taken a short break from redoing whatever action movie worked well in the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and/or 90’s to tell the tale of these two mighty figures. The film is called Snake&Mongoose, and it appears to be set for a 2013 release. We will keep our hopes for this one in check, but the trailer  serves up some goosebumps thanks to the perfect music choices and some shots of classic drag racing glory.

Click past the break to watch the clip

[Source: Vimeo]


    …allegedly, there are several outtakes sounding like this,

    Director: [Engine reving up] Hey Dryer. Those aren't the car keys for that car.
    Fred Dryer: Yeah I know but McCall could hotwire a broom handle if she had to. See ya.
    Director: Hey wait. Dryer come back here. DRYER!
    Fred Dryer: YEAH, Hunter finally gets the good car!


    Already having childhood mammories (Nipple Slip For Workers) from the time I saw this…

    [youtube 762fEsZ5hSE&feature=related http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=762fEsZ5hSE&feature=related youtube]

    • JayP2112

      Perhaps the greatest Canadian Race-car movie ever.

      • Mr. Smee

        Ha! Fast Company, the David Cronenberg classic! A lot of it was filmed here in Edmonton. I believe my old boss, Ron Hodgson, provided one of the funny cars.

        • JayP2112

          I had a whole William S. Burroughs-Steely Dan-Jack Kerouac-OnTheRoad stream of consciousness thing going until I remembered Naked Lunch.

          What an f'd up movie.

  • I'm still waiting for "32 Hours 7 Minutes."

    • I actually know that this is done and edited… there's a hangup between Roy and the other financial party, and it's stuck in limbo. A friend has a copy of it, and I can only watch it if I watch it at their house because the copy can not leave.

      • I realize you may not be able to say much, but how is it?

        • I haven't actually watched it yet – I need to get up there and do so though…

    • POLAЯ

      I've been working on increasing my bladder so I can sit through the whole thing, but I can only last 29 hours and 44 minutes.

  • flr1975

    Well, they certainly didn't skimp on music licensing for the trailer.

  • TrueBlue315

    Yes. YES. YES! I was worried as the video buffered… but it looks – and sounds – great! Between this and Rush, great time for car guys and movies.

  • Van_Sarockin

    For folks who are in too big a hurry to live their lives three seconds at a time.