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Good Sam Show: Some Vintage RV’s Out At The Track

LongRoofian November 7, 2012 All Things Hoon, Hooniverse Goes To... 13 Comments

This past weekend out at the Daytona International Speedway the Good Sam RV Club held their annual festival. Each year that club hosts a huge gathering of RV’s, RV dealers and assorted associated vendors at a different venue. This year they chose my Speedway. thehorsefarmed called this olelongrooffan on his way down from the nation’s oldest city to determine which gate he should use to get into that facility. I contacted a couple new friends and found out and let him know. He asked if I wanted to tag along with thebarngoddess and him. I confirmed that the purchase of a new million dollar pusher motorcoach was not in my future I would take a pass on this trip. Little did this olelongrooffan know.

Yeah my fellow Hoons, there were tons of vintage campers and vintage tow vehicles out there and I missed out on all of them. It is a real bummer as I could have freeloaded an entry as thehorsefarmer is a member of the Good Sam Club and his entire party got in free. But in the true trooper fashion that old sailor possesses, he did grab some images of some of them to share with we fellow Hoons. I am fairly certain that one of the coolest rigs was this color matching 55 Poncho longroof along with a 55 Shasta camper.

It was festooned with all things of the era and I’m sorry to have missed it, not once but twice. Twice you ask? Yeah, on Friday thejeepjunkie calls me and tells me to head out to US 1 as in about three minutes a classic Pontiac longroof towing a vintage trailer is going to pass by. Of course, I did and stood on that sidewalk looking north only to see this rig turn onto LPGA Boulevard four blocks north of me. A V.I.S.I.T post died at that very moment. Thanks to thehorsefarmer for giving that sighting another breath of life.

I know another brother, Bus Plunge is jonesing over this Short Bus matching stovebolt two door Suburban. See he tows his ’78 Airstream around the countryside behind a late model Suburban and I’m sure that is why thehorsefarmer captured this image.

Also, it was in front of this shorty Airstream whose skin looked just the way Bus Plunge’s Airstream did when he purchased it a whiles back.

Now, its skin looks like the Airstream behind this classic old Buick. And I would have to say they both are, as the Kid puts it, “Pressed tight.” Love the low budget dog dish hubcaps on that tow vehicle.

Shit Hoons, this olelongrooffan didn’t even know those style trailer mirrors strapped onto the side of this old Bel Air were even still available. When was he last time you have seen a pair of these? For me, they were strapped to the front doors of my Dad’s 67 Country Squire towing that Craftsman pop up tent trailer.

And the Airstream parked out back was just as cool.

Another Shasta this time with a 59 Elkie tow vehicle FTW.

But it was this California Forest Fire REO (Ranson E. Olds BTW) that really grabbed all of our attention. Yeah, it’s resting on a late model 350 chassis but that is okay with this olelongrooffan. It looks awesome and was a three door cab for the win.

I have to say that this is probably one of the coolest and rarest vehicle combinations I have seen in quite some time. I know I probably say that alot but I mean it every time I say it.

thehorsefarmer, a former volunteer fireman, tells me this is a water pump to go between a remote tanker and the fire extinguishing fire hose out there in the wilds.

And he told me to apologize to our fellow Hoons that he didn’t capture the year of it nor the brand of this trailer it totes around the countryside.

This olelongrooffan does know about this Corvair Greenbriar though. I spotted one like it way back just after the Hooniverse Overlords gave me a key to the vault. I featured it one weekend when this newbie stepped on UDMan’s toes for his Ultimate Corvair weekend.

Now remember my fellow Hoons, thehorsefarmer took these images for us and although he and thebarngoddess have moved from that farm up in the Ozark Mountains to a big assed fifth wheel camper down in the nation’s oldest city,

he is still thehorsefarmer.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/thehorsefarmer

  • stickmanonymous

    I want to see the vintage RVs -on- the track. I know that's a bit Top Gear, but it'd still be cool.

  • Target29

    Great vintage post!
    Make sure you thank thehorsefarmer for us!

    • Thanks and as he checks in on a regular basis, you just did.

  • aastrovan

    That REO/trailer combo is the coolest thing,those go to the top of my "top 10" list.

  • The REO and trailer rig are amazing…

  • Neat stuff. Restore vintage travel trailer just added to the bucket list. Not an Airstream, though. That polished aluminum is too much work for a leisure activity.

    • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

      And, those Airstreams are beastly heavy.

  • Great post. I have a real soft spot for vintage trailers. The train car style trailers are so damn cool.

  • I love this kind of thing, especially the Airstreams. One of these days, the Road Condo will be restored to this kind of glory.

  • vroomsocko

    Love Love Love that Buick. Portholes FTW! Also, Airstreams are swell.

  • Here is an album of pics I shot of a cool old trailer I came across…

  • C³-Cool Cadillac Cat

    For me, the rusty wheels with the blindingly polished, and clean, but not show-car clean, Buick Special are full of WIN!

    The dog-dish hubcaps set the car off, perfectly.

  • Carley

    The red & white wagon and camper are mine. Sorry you missed us! We were at Daytona for the Turkey Run too & slept in the infield. I live in St Augustine, so maybe I will run into you soon.