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Last Call- Get Out And VOTE Edition

Robert Emslie November 6, 2012 Last Call 28 Comments

Unless your name is Wilson, and your singular goal in life is to get away from that annoyingly conversant beardo, Tom Hanks, you are aware that today is election day here in the US of A. And should you be a citizen of this fine marble cake of a nation, we want to remind you that it matters far less for whom you vote than the fact that you just get out there and VOTE. You did vote, didn’t you?

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  1. Scandinavian Flick says:


    <img src="http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kpa3iybOfK1qzvw5po1_500.jpg&quot; width="250">

  2. Devin says:

    I'm Canadian.

    So no.

  3. dr zero says:

    Voting is compulsory here, so I have to vote every election or be fined. But we don't get to vote for our head of state, even if she (the Queen) has no real power.

  4. Dean Bigglesworth says:

    I find it funny that the majority of commenters so far are not from the US of A. So no, i can't vote, either.

  5. dukeisduke says:


  6. JayP2112 says:

    I've had that on my FB cover this week.
    Anyone who's stuff was F1, Indy, LeMans, and is on a Ford GT and Shelby… gets my f'n vote.

  7. OA5599 says:

    I had so much fun voting that I went back through the line for a second helping.

  8. wisc47 says:

    I voted for Kodos.

  9. vwminispeedster says:

    Dearthair for Dictator.

  10. Mad_Science says:

    I'm not going to run a post on it, but I did this tonight:
    <img src="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-6hbw_HFIV64/UJnGVch8gZI/AAAAAAAADqk/c3dTtDOklc0/s826/2012-11-06_18-23-04_178.jpg&quot; width=450>

    It's nice living in a state where my presidential vote is largely irrelevant.

  11. Sjalabais says:

    Hello from the socialist hellhole of Norway. Can't vote transatlantic style either, but, hey!, the good guy won.

  12. Dutch says:

    I voted for Austin Coil. If he can (very) successfully manage fuel hemis and put up with Force all those years, he can certainly run this country.

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