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Finnish Line – For Sale: 1985 Daihatsu Charmant

Antti Kautonen November 6, 2012 Finnish Line, For Sale 16 Comments

Ever heard of the Daihatsu Charmant? A four-door saloon with just as honest a name as the Mitsubishi Carisma, the Charmant was in essence a reskinned, rear-drive Toyota Corolla. As Toyota moved on to FWD with the new-for-1984 Corolla (the afore-posted AE86 line notwithstanding), the RWD fort was left for Daihatsu to defend.

This means every Daihatsu Charmant ad – yes, there are still some left to sell – at some point features a mention of the Corolla mechanicals. The dirty bits in this one are even refreshed, as it’s received a new engine in 2000. Click through to see the rest of the info.

The engine is said to have been replaced by Tammer-Diesel, a long-serving diesel specialist in Tampere, and the bootlid features a suspicious-sounding LD badge, but the car is a gasoline-engined one with the 1300cc 4K engine producing 70-something horses. The new engine only has a couple thousand km’s on it, accumulated HUNTING FOR MOOSE, as the ad claims. How badass is that? Imagine drifting through gravel roads with a trunkful of rifles.

All in all, the car only has some 85k on the clock, which does sound oddly early for a replacement engine to be needed. Then again, my grandfather’s brown 1980 Corolla had a taste for motor oil, which probably contributed to the demise in this Daihatsu, too. Or it could have 185k, as the odo only has five digits on it – whatever the real deal is. Anyway, the plates indicate it’s a coveted Lapland car, which means it’s not too rusty anywhere it counts.

The fake wood does add class to the Charm-ant, as does the possibility of two radio installs. There are only four forward speeds, though, and the instrumentation is definitely spartan.

Does the Charmant win you over with its recently hiked-up price of 2000 eur? It’s just passed inspection recently, which probably has caused the seller to reconsider his price. Still, there’s probably haggling to be done.

Link to the Daihatsu’s ad

[Source: Nettiauto]

  • Dean Bigglesworth

    You can get a very nice RWD Volvo for 2000€…. This one though, being not-a-volvo, probably has working fuel gauge which is always a plus.

  • Cha-Cha-Cha….. Charmant.

    Sorry, that was running through my head and I had to share it.

  • Devin

    Le Daihatsu est ne pas particulièrement charmant.

    • Dean Bigglesworth

      The Daihatsu is not particularly charming? I have forgotten all my french except for je m'appelle Dean Bigglesworth.

      • Devin

        Yes! I did that entirely from memory, I'm very proud of myself. I can also tell people that grapefruits are in libraries.

        That's all the french I know.

        • Dean Bigglesworth

          That reminded me of James May's German, "Aber ja, natürlich Hans nass ist, er steht unter einem Wasserfall.” (“Naturally Hans is wet, he’s standing under a waterfall.”)

          • Devin

            Nein scheisse.

            (In spite of having a German-speaking father, that is the entirety of my knowledge of the language.)

            • Dean Bigglesworth

              Das ist nicht so scheisse. Ich möchte eine bratwurst gekaufen.

              I can manage in German, i know how to get sausages and beer and i ask for the closest hotel. Being more or less fluent in Swedish and English really helps, though. English is my third language. I also have a German relative who runs one of the largest BDSM / fetish footwear online stores in Europe, that can't hurt. (figuratively speaking)

              • skitter

                No matter what language, I find je suis desole, mon ami, il est tres stupide to be a big confidence booster.

                • Dean Bigglesworth

                  Uh.. i find desolate, my love, it is the stupid is about as accurate as i can get without help.

                  • skitter

                    "I'm so sorry, my friend, he is very stupid."
                    A useful phrase in any tongue.

  • FuzzyPlushroom

    Now this is a more practical drift sleeper. There's a thought…

  • Alcology

    Hunting moose? Or trolls….

  • Manic_King

    Whoa, that steering wheel "cover". I don't remember the name of that place but Finns are joking about some small town where people are such misers that everything would be used twice, even toilet paper. That steering cover would be from that place.

    It helps with the grip, but still.

    • Laihia. 🙂

    • TurboBrick

      Maybe the steering wheel itself is about to tear apart and that string is the only thing holding it together?