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Wagon Wednesday: 1951 Plymouth Suburban Custom Longroof

LongRoofian October 31, 2012 All Things Hoon, Wagon Wednesday 10 Comments

So, this past weekend while that bitch Sandy was passing by on her way to wreak havoc in the Big Apple, wishing all the best to my fellow Hoons up that way, this olelongrooffan was down at the Bellaire Plaza checking out some of the machines in town for the Daytona Dream Cruise.  One of the first cars that caught my attention was this 1951 Plymouth Suburban that has really been tricked out. Normally, I am all about “Stock Rocks” but the builder of this longroof has put some serious effort into its build.

As I stood looking at it I was just trying to determine what it was about it that was so different.  It wasn’t until this olelongrooffan started walking around this longroof that I was able to determine what it was that was so striking about it.  The builder had done so many modifications to his longroof that he had to document them and display his mods in the driver’s side rear window.

Oh, and my fellow Hoons, see that reflection of this olelongrooffan in that window?  That is how our fellow Hoons can be recognized while out and about by our fellow Hoons.  Don’t have a Hooniverse t-shirt?  Check out The Store and I am sure The Missus will get one out to you, stat. Hell, this olelongrooffan owns three of them just to make sure a clean one is always available on a moment’s notice.

This olelongrooffan must state this longroof is still a work in progress but the faux paint on that dashboard is exquisite.  Having been in the construction industry for many years, I must note that many faux painters I have dealt with, both male and female, are gay. Now last fall as I was remodeling the building where my cube is located, TheBoss mentioned he wanted to have his office door stained in a wood color.  As I had already bought the door and it was masonite, staining it would have required the efforts of a faux painter.  TheBoss, his buddy, a retired general contractor from the city that produces the carbonated beverage thejeepjunkie likes so much, and I were having this discussion looking at that door leaning up against the “Tire Barn” out back.  That retired contractor related the same bit of information about the sexuality of faux painters I just shared with my fellow Hoons.  TheBoss looks me right at me with a gleam in his eye and with a straight face says, “So, you can do it. Right?”  Yeah, that John Lee Is Gay Rumor has followed me most of my adult life.  Decidedly. Not. So. “Not that there is anything wrong with that.”

Sorry for that digression, I just thought it was funny as hell.  But this longroof is just beautiful from all angles.  I have always been a fan of the exterior sunvisors on the windshields of vehicles of this era.  Bus-Plunge had a stovebolt Chevy 2500 longbed that had one and it was super nice.  I didn’t check to see if those spotlights are actually operable and given their location on this longroof, I doubt it. But they are a nice cosmetic touch if nothing else.

And, of course, it seems like damn near every show car longroof around these here parts has a surfboard somewhere about its person. This olelongrooffan much prefers the clam shell tailgate and window instead.  And exposed tailgate hinges for the win.

I just hope there isn’t a SBC under the bonnet.

Image Copyright Hooniverse 2012/longroofan


  • OA5599

    It isn't likely that this one has an SBC under the hood. The window sign indicates a flathead six.

    The dash looks very convincing, at least via the elcheapo camera.

    • I stand corrected. I blame sensory overload.

    • Vairship

      A 6 cylinder flathead SBC would be a custom job worth noting indeed!

  • Yes, it has tinted class. Rad.

    Also, Jay Leno was there? Did you get an autograph?

    • Alcology

      Or whacked by his chin?

  • Byron Powers

    Wish you had gotten a picture of that hopped up flat head six. I love dual carb sixes with split exhaust manifolds.

  • Nice car, very well done. Hey, at least in Daytona, that surfboard has a chance of actually getting used. It's tacky when you see a car here in AZ with a surfboard on the rack or sticking out of it.

  • McQueen

    I'm sorry but my ribs hurt from laughing , if you refer to yourself as " longroof " , you may want to clarify which one is beautiful from all angles

  • OttoNobedder

    Seller needs a Proof-reader
    Fender FLARES
    FrenchED antenna
    Tinted GLASS(thanks muthaluvin)
    I still love it and wishitwuzmine-the chopped roof makes it look even longer & lower
    (I guess thats the point!)