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Hoonivercinema – Monday Music Video

Robert Emslie October 29, 2012 Hoonivercinema 3 Comments

You know we like to start the week off here with a music video – just like MTV! Well actually, not at all like MTV as they don’t seem to play music videos on that channel any more, instead preferring TV shows about teen sex and, not unsurprisingly, pregnant teens. That obviously leaves a void, and we’re all about filling voids and avoiding the noids.

This week, instead of cars in the video, we have a video of a song about a car – a ’72 El Camino to be precise. And as writer/singer Elizabeth Cook explains it, it’s one that’s lean and obscene, and CREEPY, MAN!

Click through the jump to hear just how creepy, and how its owner is like a dude on blow in that movie Boogie Nights.

Source: [YouTube]

  • I feel dirty.

  • Van_Sarockin

    Elizabeth Cook is the balls. Great performer. Great songwriter. Now, I want to get an El Camino, just to show her how wrong she is. I only stalk because I care.

  • ConstantReader

    She looks good, but she is tone deaf. Can't sing on key, brothers.