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What’s the Lamest Automotive Rebrand?

Robert Emslie October 25, 2012 Hooniverse Asks 128 Comments

There’s this great scene in The Simpsons where Homer visits the Duff Brewery where he sees huge vats of Duff Lager, Duff Light, Duff Dry, and Summer Fresh Duff. What we see is that they all are being filled from a common vat of plain old Duff. That’s kind of how car makers with lots of brands spread the engineering costs of a model out among those nameplates, and sometime – just like with Duff – you can get a skunky one.

GM is perhaps the most famous for cranking out the same car under different brands – some indistinguishable from one another – and still keeping a straight face. I mean seriously, the Cadillac Cimarron Toast Crunch and Chevy Cavalier 4-door of the same years are nearly identical. Still, what I consider to be one of the most eggregious and bizzare re-brandings was the car that ended up being the Saab 9000, Fiat Croma, Thema by Lancia, Alfa 164, and Jaye Davidson in The Crying Game. Freaky, I know!

Sometimes the rebranding is almost invisible, such as between the final iteration of the Toyota Supra and first-gen Lexus 300SC. Other times the cars may look almost identical, however their personalities in motion prove they are totally different – the FR-S/BRZ being prime examples. But those are both cool rides, and what  we are seeking is the lamest of the lame. What do you think is the most eye-rollingly bad automotive rebrand? 

Image: [Autofrei]